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It seems that not every cock feels pleasure the same way, but if that spot under the tip of your cock (the frenelum) is sensitive, this toy is pure magic. Any cheap vibrator excited me when it touched there, but this is very different. Hard or soft, you can’t fight what it does to you. You’ll come hard and fast; try not to scream or cry. The stronger rumbly sensations got to me instantly; my wife pulled it off after five seconds or I would have reached orgasm. The soft silicone is like a firm sensual tongue lapping just at the right spot. Just writing this review makes me hunger for it again, and again, and again.

Better than expected

Didn't expect much from this, but I had high hopes. It pulled through. It doesn't feel the same as stroking off to an orgasm, but my wife really likes playing with the remote watch to vibrate my dick when I'm having trouble getting it up. It works great to get my junk to cooperate for sex later on. I've used it a few times solo for my own pleasure too. Good for some big loads.

Hot Octopuss has brought us something that hits all the very right things

Hot Octopuss has really outdone themselves with the Pulse Solo Lux. Here’s a toy that demonstrates the best of our current sextech wonderland: finely engineered, durable, flexible, and powerful, with a wide range of sensory options.

Tip for use

Use a nylon hair tie around the entire device to keep it on. Works great!

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