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Great idea plagued by little design flaws

I really, really want to give this toy a 5-star review. It’s a great idea for a toy, two motors at two different frequencies in two different parts of a plug. And on paper it’s wonderful.

Alas, I just can’t quiiiite do that. While the idea is sound, the execution is flawed. Some things to be aware of:

- When you get it, you need to remove a protective plastic sheet from the battery compartment in the remote. Okay, fine, this makes sense, nobody wants to get a toy and find the battery is already flat. However, to open up the battery compartment on the remote, you’ll need a very small Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver (and no, one is not included). Don’t have a tiny jeweler’s screwdriver? You’re screwed. You can’t use the remote until you get one.

- The remote suffers the same problem as the infamous round “hockey puck” Apple mouse from way back: You cannot tell which way it’s facing by feel. That means there’s no way to, say, reach into your pocket and operate the buttons; you can’t tell which button is which. This is exactly why remotes for most sex toys have a shape that gives you a tactile cue. With this one, you have to look a the remote to tell which button you’re hitting.

- The remote has controls for intensity but not pulse pattern; for that, you need to use the button on the plug itself.

- The base of the plug is a little too bulgy. You can’t easily or comfortably sit while wearing it, which leaves out doing things like taking your lover to a restaurant or whatever. (And really, if you’re not doing things like that, why even have a remote at all, amirite?)

- The two motors do have notably different feels (they’re called ‘bass’ and ‘treble,’ which is a pretty good indication of how they feel), but they’re not very strong.

All in all, this feels like a prototype that went into production before the design kinks were worked out. The second generation of this toy will probably be amazing. This version? Solid three stars.

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Want to know more about the Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex? Our sex toy reviewer, M. Christian, had a lot to say on the toy on their Hot Octopuss PleX with Flex review. Their summary?

-Extremely well-made.
-Amazing flexibility allows for a large variety of anal sex possibilities.
-Remarkably comfortable.
-Easy to use and remove.
-Comes with a wireless controller.

-Not a "smart" sextoy, not Internet or Bluetooth compatible
-Controls may take some getting used to
-Simple packaging

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