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Gender X Rocketeer

Gender X Rocketeer

Gender X

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Add a bit of girth, pleasurable vibrations, and a world of new sensations with the Gender X Rocketeer. A slim, protruding vibrator that straps onto the shaft, the Gender X Rocketeer adds 9 modes of vibration and a bit of girth to the wearer - and pleasures anyone else that they're playing with!

To keep the vibrator exactly where you want it, the Rocketeer includes three straps. Two straps anchor the Rocketeer around the testicles without compressing them while a third strap near the tip helps adhere the Rocketeer to the shaft. This unique design wraps the top of the shaft in vibrations - but it leaves the bottom of the shaft entirely open for the slickness of sex you know and love.

The streamlined design with gentle swells and no sharp diameter changes allows the Gender X Rocketeer to be used for penetration - if you so desire. If using a condom for safer sex purposes, slide the condom on first - and then wrap the Gender X Rocketeer on top of it.

Note: The button to control the sensations is located in the middle of the Rocketeer's shaft. Make sure to choose your vibrations before penetration for easiest access to the control panel.

Can I Use the Gender X Rocketeer By Myself?

While the Rocketeer is usually talked about as a couple's toy, it can still shine as a hands-free penis pleasurer for solo play. Since the Rocketeer leaves some of the most sensitive areas of the penis open for further activities, though, we recommend partnering it with other toys (or your hand!) to get the most stimulation possible!

That might mean your favorite prostate stimulator partnered with the Rocketeer for hands-free orgasms - or it might mean pressing a powerful wand massager to the tip of the shaft for full-shaft vibration!

How to Use Condoms with the Gender X Rocketeer

Don't abandon safer sex just to use an (admittedly!) awesome sex toy!

The Gender X Rocketeer can be worn alongside your safer sex condoms.

If you're using condoms for safer sex, simply roll the condom into place on the shaft- and then carefully place the Rocketeer on top of the condom!

Not only does it still let you use your favorite safer sex barriers, but it also can help keep the condom in place too!


Equipped Features: On-Shaft Vibrator, Triple-Ring Stability, Stretchy Rings, 9 Vibration Modes, Illuminated Button, Waterproof, Magnetically Rechargeable, 5 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
Material: Stretchy silicone. Latex-free.
Care and Cleaning: Waterproof, the Gender X Rocketeer can be held under running water for easier cleaning after use. Use warm water and mild soap to clean it taking care to clean around the rings for a thorough clean. When using lube for comfortable penetration, only use water-based lubricants to protect the silicone material.

Total Length: 6"
Width: 1.25"
Weight: Under 0.5lb

We recommend an erect penis length of at least 6" in order to comfortably use the Rocketeer. The Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension or Cock Armor have a less length-specific design.

Box Includes: Gender X Rocketeer, Charging Cable.

Customer Reviews

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Rocketing in the right direction

1. The vibrator is in the right spot for the woman on top, not for the man underneath.
2. The straps around the penis in the next iteration should be both softer and sturdier.
As with many products, improvements based on reports will lead from good to great.

Jeffrey O.
gender x rocketeer

It makes you stay harder for longer sex time

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