Fun Factory Buck Dich Paddle



Enjoy two toys in one! A spanking paddle with a built-in dildo handle, the Fun Factory Buck Dich Paddle provides two different types of fun within a single toy. With its thick, reinforced silicone design, this paddle can provide gentle swats - or intense sensations. You vary the intensity by how hard of a spanking you dole out. Not "just a handle", the handle of this paddle was crafted after the company's best-selling g-spot toy to ensure that you're getting two fantasies toys in a single package!

When you're done, the waterproof, silicone material can be simply cleaned - or fully sterilized for a new adventure.


Equipped features: Waterproof, Simple cleaning, Penetrable paddle, Sterilizable, Anal-safe.
Materials: Medical-grade silicone with a plastimorph core for rigidity.
Care: Clean your paddle dildo with warm water and mild soap. If lubricating the area for insertion, please use water-based lubricant.

Length: 12.4"
Insertable width (handle): 1.61"

Box includes: Fun Factory Buck Dich Paddle.

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