Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage



Enjoy pleasure on-the-go! The Fleshlight Quickshot is a portable version of the best male masturbation sleeve on the market: the Fleshlight. At less than half the length of the original Fleshlight and equipped with a double-ended design, the Fleshlight Quickshot provides all of the intensity of a Fleshlight experience with the flexibility to add this toy to other activities. Perfect as a helping hand during oral or partnered sex, the non-anatomical entrances slip the recipient directly into the chamber's tight, screw-like texture.

With its clear, see-through material, the Quickshot Vantage becomes a treat for anyone wanting to watch. While every detail can't be seen through the material, the translucent material allows for a more-than-full view of the show. The open-ended design allows for simpler clean-up - or a perfect view of the precipice of your partner's pleasure. Self-contained for easy storage, just add the two included caps onto the case for a cylindrical plastic item that's easy to hide and store.


Equipped features: Non-anatomical entrances, Portable, Translucent material, Light-weight
Materials: Fleshlight Superskin sleeve material, Plastic case
Care: Do not use household or body soaps on the Quickshot. It may ruin the sensitive Superskin material. Hot water and a thorough scrubbing are the most-basic cleaning requirement, but Fleshlight recommends adding their Fleshlight cleaning solution to the process. Allow the sleeve to fully dry before putting it back into the case with the caps on.

Length: 4.4"
Insertable Length: 3.5"

Box includes: 1 Open-ended Quickshot Sleeve, 1 Compact Clear Case, 2 Sleeve caps to screw onto each end

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