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Really Fun to Use On a Partner

Out of all of the penis strokers we own, this and the Tenga Spinner are my favorites to use on my partner.

I really love the hand-grip holes on this one. When I strap it onto my hand, it feels a bit like I'm a badass equipped my "pleasure weapon" of choice. It really ensures the stroker stays on my hand, too, so it's pretty much just constant pleasure from there on out.

The stroker is really fun feeling. It has a bit of stickiness to it, but it's not the type of sticky that leaves a residue on your hands. Your hands come away feeling really clean, and at the same time, that interesting material makes it really, really fun to have in your hand. Since the material is so plushy, I can also feel all of the rigidity of the penis that's inside the sleeve too - and I can vary my hand tightness to really make a huge difference.

He's never complained, and I love it, so I'm going to say Fleshlight hit it out the ballpark on this one.

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