Doxy Number 3 Die Cast Massager



Every ounce of the world's most powerful massager in a travel-friendly package! The smaller handle makes the wand easier to maneuver while the compact head provides precise power to the spots you need it. Large button designs on the shaft make it easy to increase the pleasure as soon as you need it while the extended power cord offers freedom in where you use your new toy.

The pleasure doesn't stop there. The Doxy Number 3 is the only wand massager on the market with fully interchangeable heads. Instead of putting an attachment on top of the existing head, the Doxy Number 3 heads switch out with one another reduce the layers that vibrations have to travel through - resulting in a more powerful vibration. Whether you want your powerful wand massager to pleasure a penis, a prostate, a clitoris, a g-spot, or multiple spots at once, the Doxy Number 3 interchangeable heads allow you to personalize your pleasure.

Want to hit those targeted pleasure points? Check out our Doxy Number 3 G-Spot Attachment and our Doxy Number 3 Prostate Attachment.


Equipped features: Powerful vibrations, Compact size, Escalating pulse settings, Long cord, Interchangeable silicone head
Materials: Silicone head cover, Aluminum/titanium alloy body.
Care: Clean the head of the massager with a slightly damp washcloth and soap. Do not get water anywhere near the Doxy Number 3 Massager. It is not waterproof. If using lubricant, we recommend a water-based lubricant.

Length: 11" in total length
Head size: 1.8" in diameter
Cord length: 10'

Box includes: Doxy Number 3 massager, Instruction manual.

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