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Absolutely in Love

I could literally gush about this plug for HOURS. I've already recommended it to multiple pet play friends. It's an amazing plug that goes above-and-beyond in quality and features compared to other butt plug tail plugs.

First off, the tail is entirely removable. Just twist off the tail (it takes a bit to ensure the tail never accidentally falls off during use), and the tail and the base will separate. This makes cleaning SO much easier and ensures that the tail is way less-likely to get dirty.

Plus, the quality of both the tail and the plug are amazing. The plug is this luxurious glass that's so easy to insert. Since it's glass, the plug doesn't "absorb" much lube, so the lube you put on the plug tends to last for a long time. Very few applications are needed. The plug design definitely had some effort put into it as the plug rarely slides out. It does a great job of staying inside of the body - even while walking and moving.

The tail is made from high-quality synthetic wig hair, and it shows. It arrives curled so beautifully, and it's so surprisingly long. Depending on your height, this will hit your knees - or even lower. It looks hot as hell.

It's just a really well-made plug that works so beautifully as a butt plug tail. Everything about it clearly has been thought out.

The full Crystal Delights My Lil Pony Tail review is live on Kinkly:


perfect for my cam work. it matches my lingerie & the guys love it when i twerk with it. goes in easy 2.

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