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Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator Kit

Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator Kit

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Easily lubricate yourself as you gently stretch your body. The Cloud 9 Novelties Silicone Dilator Kit is a set of three toys, in subtly graduated sizes, that can become the tools you need to accommodate yourself to penetration. Made from body-safe silicone, this set of three dilators (each with a flared base!) is perfectly designed for anal or vaginal use; it's entirely up to you!

Making it easy to insert each one of the Silicone Dilator Kit toys, each dilator features a gently tapered tip. This rounded, tapered tip allows for a comfortable, gradual insertion that works with you - and let's you listen to your body's cues about when it's time to continue or stop for the day.

The Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator Kit dilators also come with a hidden, fantastic feature: built-in lube channels! Each one of the dilators is hollow on the inside with an opening at the base and at the tip. During use, you can press your lube against the base of the dilator and squeeze - and that lube will make its way out of the top of the dilator. This lets you easily lubricate yourself for more-comfortable dilation - without even needing to remove the toy!


Silicone Dilator Measurements
Smallest Dilator
Length: 2.8"
Diameter: 0.5"

Middle Dilator
Length: 3.3"
Diameter: 0.75"

Largest Dilator
Length: 3.9"
Diameter: 0.875"

All Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator Kit Dilators
Features: Built-in Lube Channel, Non-porous, Anal and vaginal safe, Tapered and Rounded tip, Anal-Safe Base.
Material: Silicone
Care and Cleaning: The Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator Kit can easily be cleaned with warm water and silicone-safe soap. We recommend filling a bowl (or your sink!) full of soapy water and washing the dilators in that. This helps clean the internal lube channel in addition to the outer surface of the Dilators. When using lube with these dilators, ensure that you're only using water-based lube.

Visual Description: The Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator kit is a set of three dilators for gradual stretching of the body. Each one of the dilators are uniform in design with a completely-flat, textureless shaft with a very-rounded tip. Each one of the dilators gradually increases in length and width - but retains the exact same design as every other dilator within this kit for a controlled stretch. The flared base at the bottom of each dilator offers a slight protrusion from the thickest point at the base. At the tip of each Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator is a small hole while the base has a much-larger hole that looks like it can easily accept most lube bottle tips for dispensing lube. The Cloud 9 Silicone Dilator Kit is an bright blue, aquamarine color, and it comes with a white drawstring bag for storage.

Box Includes: Three Dilators, Easy-Storage Drawstring Pouch.

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