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Cloud 9 Handheld Torso Stroker

Cloud 9 Handheld Torso Stroker

Cloud 9 Novelties

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"Lifesize" visuals in the palm of your hand. Ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand for single-handed use, the Cloud 9 Handheld Torso Stroker is a miniature version of a human body. Made from body-safe TPR material that quickly warms to body temperature during use, the Cloud 9 Handheld Torso Stroker features two separate, ribbed, closed-ended internal channels - one anal and one vaginal.

Change up your visual in seconds with the included fishnet bandeau crop top. Slide the fishnet design over the stroker's chest to instantly change up your visual. Experiment with placement of the fishnet top for different views - including a tantalizing version with lots of underboob to enjoy! Don't want the fishnets? That's okay too! The fishnet crop top is fully removable.

When you're done, the included drawstring storage bag helps keep your stroker dust and fuzz-free for the next time you want to pull it out.


Equipped features: Miniature Body, Handheld Design, Two Separate Tunnels, Ribbed Tunnels, Closed Ended, Removable Crop Top.
Material: TPR
Care and Cleaning: Use warm water and a mild soap to clean out the internal channels of the Cloud 9 Handheld Torso Stroker. You may need to slide a finger inside to help push the soap and water deep into the tunnels. Do not flip the Handheld Torso Stroker inside out; you'll likely rip it. When adding use, ensure you're using water-based lube.

Length: 6.5"
Diameter Width at the Base ("Hips"): 3.75"
Diameter Width in the Middle (at the "Waist"): 2.25"
Circumference in the Middle: 7.5"

Visual Description: The Cloud 9 Handheld Torso Stroker looks like what a torso sex doll would look like if you shrunk it down to a handheld size. The 6.5" penis stroker looks like a torso that includes a pronounced vulva and very perky, large breasts. The stroker also has a wide waist-to-hip ratio with its wide hips - which also functions as an easy gripping place for single-handed use. The Cloud 9 Handheld Torso Stroker features a very small loop of fishnet material that can be wrapped around the breasts of the stroker for a different visual during use. The penis stroker includes two separate holes: one is a vaginal orifice which features a large, spread-labia design. The anal orifice is extremely simple with a small hole placed between the cheeks of the toy.

Box includes: Cloud 9 Handheld Torso Stroker, Removable Fishnet "Crop Top", Drawstring Storage Bag.

Customer Reviews

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A cool novelty and very nice to hold in your hands

Pros - Neat looking product, Feels great to hold, Good suction.
Cons - Hard to clean/dry, Not very deep inside, Anus is too small

The stoker itself doesn't feel amazing (its not awful either), but the texture is one of the best I've ever seen. the suction is just right and doesn't leave you feeling like its not tight enough or that its too tight and you might be harming your penis. The butthole while incredibly tiny can be penetrated with effort and lube, however I found my self not wanting to use it because there wasnt much space and I was bulging out the side of it. I was scared of damaging it so i stopped (vegina had no issues though). between the weight and texture being so nice in your hands its something that i had a lot of fun with. it even felt nice to rub the vulva with the tip of my penis. The actual quality is very nice. The bad news is its hard to dry. the holes are one way and you cant really air them out. Also you do have to make sure you don't stroke to long as its not easy to get back in after your out. The holes are small and its a bit of a buzz kill to focus on trying to get back in.

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