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Banana Pants Life

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Improve your pegging! Specifically crafted for strap-on use, the BumpHer is an easy-to-use silicone "attachment" for the base of your strap-on dildo. With anatomically-placed bumps on the BumpHer, this silicone attachment was designed to make the base of any strap-on dildo more stimulating to the clitoris - and provide more pleasure to the harness wearer during strap-on sex. Not only that, but the plushy silicone material helps offer a literal "buffer" from the pelvic bruising that rough pegging sessions can cause. The BumpHer stretches to fit a wide variety of flared base dildos to ensure it can make most of your pegging toys even more pleasurable!

Waterproof and easy to clean, the BumpHer is always ready when you are. Its proprietary design will stretch to fit a variety of dildo bases all the way up to 3.25" in width.

BananaPants' flagship dildo base attachment, the BumpHer has minimal texturing. If you're looking for more texturing for more pleasure, consider the Shagger or the Honeybunch (which has space for an optional bullet vibrator too!).

(Protip: Looking for a dildo with this clitoral-pleasure base built-in? Check out the Wet for Her Fusion!)


Equipped features: Works on multiple dildo bases, Easily Cleaned, Sterilizable, Compatible with most strap-on harness designs
Materials: Soft, Supple Silicone
Care: Dildo base attachment can be washed with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Water-based lubricants only. The BumpHer can also be sterilized for use between multiple individuals, but please be very cautious about the hot water that gets trapped inside the BumpHer during boiling.

Fits: Dildo bases up to 3.25"

Box includes: BananaPants BumpHer.

Customer Reviews

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Improves Our Pegging

Works really well. It has worked on pretty much all of my strap-on dildos, and it adds a whole lot of pleasure for me (wearing the harness). I can usually grind against a flat-based dildo okay enough during sex, but the BumpHer makes a drastic difference for suction-cup bases. Where suction cup toys used to give me nothing, BumpHer makes them provide some pretty heavy clitoral pleasure and improves the entire experience.

It goes on really well, feels really fantastic, and actually looks really neat when on a dildo too. Plus, it feels a bit like one of those cool stress balls when we're not using it for sex. I've caught myself playing and squeezing it while watching TV.

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