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Flexible But Fun

I fell in love with the design of this colorful dildo and knew I wanted one ASAP. The colors are just as vibrant in person, and it's a really pretty dildo. It feels super soft (silky-smooth similar-ish to LELO toys), and it has a really nice shape to it. It's slightly squishy, but I wouldn't say it's super-squishy.

My reason for subtracting a star is just the dildo's flexibility. It's really, really flexible - to the point that it occasionally just bends in on itself if we try to use it anally. It has worked just fine for vaginal use, but for anal use, it's definitely a two-handed insertion or else the dildo will just bend in under the pressure. Once the rainbow dildo is inside the butt, it works great, but it isn't an anal dildo that can do super-fast thrusting. It's more of a grinding, slow-thrust toy for anal.

(Sidenote: The suction cup is SUPER powerful. There must be some magic in this thing. As long as we place it on a tile, glass, or other smooth surface, it's actually really difficult to remove it when we're done.)

She Loves It!

Amazing little toy! My girlfriend was super surprised when I brought it home for us, but she fell in love with it instantly. In the past, when I've brought home toys, she was definitely a bit off-put by the lifelike designs, but she seems to love the rainbows on this one.

We've been super impressed with the suction cup too. It sticks to EVERYTHING. Last week, when trying to take it off the glass shelf to play with it, we didn't realize it was suctioned down. It lifted up and pulled off the shelf - it's that strong! The shelf is doing okay, but we've been utilizing that suction cup constantly since we figured it out!

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