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Experience the world's first toy that helps you use the ultra-sensitive flesh of the testicles for penetrative ball sex!

  • "Dildo" that wraps around the testicles to make it easier to insert the balls into a partner's orifice
  • Tapered tip makes for comfortable, controllable penetration
  • Open side panels ensure testicles receive all of the sensation
  • Additional, optional rings can be added to fit the perfect fit and get the testicles feeling as taut as desired
  • 2022 XBIZ Award Winner: Most Innovative New Product
  • 2022 AVN O Award Winner: Best Non-Powered Toy
  • Free USA shipping

Despite the balls having a similar number of nerve endings as the vulva, they're often overlooked during pleasure - especially during intercourse. The Balldo's design works to change that - by making the balls the star of the intercourse show!

Essentially, the Balldo allows you to slide your testicles inside and then use them to penetrate your partner for ball sex. Since the sides of the Balldo are exposed, the wearer gets all the sensations as the testicles rub against the internal bits of their partner.

It's a whole new way to have sex!

Using the Balldo is surprisingly intuitive too! Lube up your balls and add a bit to the toy. Holding both sides of the Balldo, stretch the Balldo over the testicles. You may want to insert them one at a time for comfort. Depending on your anatomical set-up, you may find that you still have some excess squishiness - or that your balls attempt to slip out of the Balldo during ball sex. If that's the case, add in at least one of the two included spacer rings at the very top of the Balldo - closest to your body. This helps "capture" the testicles inside of the Balldo and provide extra rigidity for your pleasure - and for functionality. It also adds length to your penetration experience!

That's it! Now, with a gentle hand, the balls can be used for intercourse - and you'll be experiencing brand new sensations that you've never felt before! The Balldo stays firm regardless of penis hardness, so you can enjoy ball sex for as long as you'd like!

Prefer a vibrating version? There's the Viballdo for that!

(Note: For best use of the Balldo - and to prevent constant tugging of pubic hair, the Balldo's instructions calls for hairless balls. Shaving, waxing, or other hair removal methods may make the Balldo a much-more-pleasant experience.)

What is a Balldo?

The Balldo is an attachment you slip around the testicular sack to instantly turn the testicles into an impromptu dildo. As the skin of the balls are full of sensitive nerve endings, the Balldo allows you to insert the balls for completely new sensations compared to penile intercourse.

Especially important for some, the Balldo can be used regardless of erection. Whether the penis is flaccid or hard, using the Balldo remains accessible - allowing couples to enjoy intercourse regardless of erection.

(Of course, the Balldo can also be used alongside an erection. It's entirely up to your preferences!)

Do You Have a Balldo Demonstration?

This video gives you the basics of how a Balldo works. It starts at the 3:18 mark:


We get it, though: sometimes you honestly want to see how this looks on other everyday people. If that's the case, these are two links to explicit Balldo demonstration videos of the Balldo in use during intercourse: video 1, video 2. Please only click on these links if you're comfortable viewing graphic, explicit sexual content with nudity and penetration.


Is the Balldo an Easy-to-Use Toy?

We like to think of using the Balldo like riding a bike. It's a brand-new, revolutionary idea. It adds sensations in ways we never thought possible - and it does it through a unique set-up that very few people have thought up - let alone tried!

That means that there's a learning curve with the Balldo. You should expect to take things slow when starting your exploration of the Balldo - and it might take multiple tries to get Balldo comfortably working in your sex life. This isn't going to be a simple sex toy that provides instant results in seconds - but once you figure out how the Balldo works with your body, the sensations it can provide are extremely unique!

We especially recommend patience with:

  • Learning how to fit the Balldo. Getting the Balldo slid on - and figuring out how many spacers (if any!) your anatomy needs may take a bit.
  • Inserting the Balldo. Ball sex feels very different than intercourse with a penis - and it might take extra time - and patience - to learn how it best works for you.
  • Finding the best sex positions. The sex positions you're used to may not be a good fit with the Balldo. Expect to try new positions to find the best fit for ball sex.

What is a Ballgasm?

Turns out, the testicles have about as many nerve endings as the vulva do! Despite this, the balls are often left out during foreplay - and especially during intercourse.

Stimulating the sensitive skin of the sack can lead to some really intense, very unique sensations - and they can build right up into your own ballgasm: an orgasm primarily through stimulation of the balls!

While you likely won't have a ballgasm the first time you use the Balldos (remember, it'll take a bit to get things moving swimmingly!), a ballgasm is potentially in your future - especially if you fall in love with the sensations the Balldo can provide.

You can read more about ballgasms in our sex dictionary.

How to Use Balldo?

The easiest way to learn how to use Balldo is simply by watching the manufacturer's video:

Prefer written instructions? Here's how to use Balldo:

  • Trim your ball hair to 1/4th inch or shorter.
  • Lubricate the entire sack with water-based lubricant.
  • Clean your hands of the lube (it'll make this next part easier!)
  • Using the pointer finger of both hands, stretch out the ring on the base of the Balldo. Once you have a good grip and have a good stretch, gently pull the Balldo overtop of your balls. The Balldo's ring should now rest near the underside of the penis shaft while the testicles sit within the open areas of the Balldo.
  • (Optional) If your balls are particularly thick or you're unable to stretch the Balldo, you may prefer to insert your testicles, one at a time, into the Balldo like you'd do with a rigid cock ring. Gently and patiently press one testicle inside of the ring of the Balldo - and then gently press the second testicle inside of the ring as well.
  • Repeat this stretching process with one of the spacer rings. The spacer rings should be placed on top of where the Balldo (so they'll be closer to the shaft of the penis than the Balldo itself is). Use one, two, or zero of the spacer rings; it's all about finding the right, secure fit for you!
  • Insert the Balldo into your partner for instant ball sex - and potential ballgasms!

How Does the Balldo Work?

The Balldo, essentially, straps a miniature, tapered tip "dildo" onto the testicular sack. This tapered tip dildo allows for easier penetration with just the balls - which used to be one of the biggest problems with people trying to have ball sex before invention of the Balldo! (After all, the balls are small, round, and like to easily roll away; the Balldo's tapered tip helps reduce all of those issues!)

While the tapered tip of the Balldo makes for easier penetration, its open style near the base leaves the testicles open for all of the stimulation. This means the sensitive flesh of the sack can enjoy all of the sensations of penetration! The entire time, the receiving partner gets the full experience of sex - and you both get to experience the journey of trying a whole new type of intercourse!

What Position Do You Recommend for the Balldo?

We recommend using any sex positions that allow for comfortable penetration and ample patience. This isn't the time to pull out athletic sex positions that'll put you in the running for the next Olympics.

Tuck Knee Sex Position. The receiver lays on their back with their thighs and legs pulled back to their chest. This causes their hips to rise off the ground. The penetrating partner then leans in and partially lays on top to penetrate.

In particular, the manufacturers of Balldo recommend variations of the Tuck Knee position. Not only does this put the receiver's butt/vagina within each reach, but it also allows the Balldo of the penetrating partner to come down at a nice, easy 45-degree. Gravity can help get things in place - and keep them there!

Any Other Tips for Using the Balldo?

Simply, our biggest tip is: patience!

This is a whole new type of intercourse - and you're not going to instantly pick up how to do it fluidly the first time. Have patience with yourself during every step of using the Balldo. A focus on exploring everything the Balldo can offer - and figuring out how it fits best with your own, unique body - can make this process so much fun! It's a ball sex journey!

Aside from that, we do have a few other suggestions:

  • Watch the instructions - twice. The QR code on your Balldo will take you straight to a "how to use" video in addition to the video above. Watch it multiple times before attempting the Balldo. It can help with understanding how the Balldo will work with your anatomy.
  • Trim your ball hair. Even if this isn't a body grooming task you normally do, the silicone of the Balldo can catch on ball hair - and snag. It just doesn't feel fun! Trimming your ball hair - and using a bit of water-based lube - can drastically reduce these unexpected, painful snags. However, trimming your ball hair is still optional and up to personal preference; we're just trying to prevent painful snags here.
  • Use your hands for support. An erection may be solid enough to slip into a tight orifice without support - but the Balldo may not be. After all, the base of the Balldo is your testicular sack - which isn't known for rock-hard rigidity. With that in mind, feel free to use your hands at the base of the Balldo during initial penetration to help guide things in the right direction. Once the Balldo is in place, you can go back to the hands-free sex you're looking for.

Does Balldo fit everyone?

The Balldo was crafted to fit most testicle-owners. The Balldo was designed to fit the "average" ball size - which puts the Balldo at about 2" in diameter.

This means that people with slender balls - or those with larger-than-average balls - may find that the Balldo isn't the perfect fit for them.

We also recommend having a discussion with your receiving partner. 2" in diameter is larger than the average biological penis size - and you want to ensure that the 2" diameter is going to be a comfortable size for the receiver as well.

What Are These Extra Rings for?

The extra rings that are included with the Balldo serve two purposes: extending the "length" of your testicle dildo and providing a secure fit for the testicles within the Balldo.

See, every person out there has a unique penis and testicle set-up. Some people's hang lower - and some hang higher. Some have more skin than others.

The extra spacer rings for the Balldo are the great "equalizer" and allow everyone to have the best chance at a great fit with the Balldo.

If you have lower-hanging balls, you might prefer using both spacer rings (and possibly more!) to ensure that the testicles are snugly fit within the Balldo itself. If you have a tighter sack or less skin, you might prefer the Balldo as-is - or with one spacer ring!

At the same time, using more spacer rings can help extend the length of the Balldo. For example, the Balldo alone is about 4" in insertable length on its own. If you use your Balldo alongside the two, included spacer rings, the Balldo is now 5.5" in insertable length.

So while the spacer rings can be extremely useful for getting a great fit, feel free to experiment with more (or less!) of the Balldo spacer rings to get the perfect length for everyone involved!


Equipped Features: Ballsex in an instant, Multiple length options (with spacer rings), Erection not required, Stretchy silicone, Tapered tip.
Material: ABS Plastic, Silicone.
Care and Cleaning: After use, remove the Balldo and wash it, thoroughly, with warm water and mild soap - both inside and out. The Balldo is not meant to be flipped inside out, but its large, open areas allow cleaning of the interior with ease. When using lube, ensure you only use water-based lube as silicone-based lube will harm the material of the Balldo.

Insertable Diameter: Slightly under 2"
(The Balldo is noticeably thicker than an average biological penis. Please check with your receiving partner.)
Insertable Circumference: 6.28"

Insertable Length: 4" to 5.5" (Depends on how many stretcher rings are added)

Inside Unstretched Balldo Diameter: 1.18" - Can stretch wide enough to fit an average person's fist through it.

Visual Description: The Balldo has a very unique ball sex design that's difficult to describe. Think of it like a torpedo shape - complete with a very tapered tip - except the Balldo features two large, cut outs towards the base of the "torpedo". In order to ensure the base of the Balldo stays attached to the torpedo-like tip, however, there are still two sturdy strips of silicone that connect the tip of the Balldo to the ring at the base of the Balldo. The structured, tapered tip allows for easier insertion with the Balldo. At the same time, the cut-out holes near the middle of the Balldo allow the testicles to receive sensation during penetration to ensure the Balldo is pleasurable to the wearer. Finally, the ring around the base helps keep the Balldo in place.

All of this works together to make the Balldo. The testicle-owner carefully slips both testicles through the stretchy ring at the base. Now the testicles are encased inside of the Balldo itself - and may be slightly protruding from the cut-out holes on each side. Now that the Balldo is fastened onto the testicles, the tip of the Balldo can be pressed against an orifice for penetration with the testicles. 

Read More: Balldo Review
Box includes: Balldo, 2 Base Stretcher Rings, QR code that can be scanned for video help on using the Balldo.

May be misspelled as: Baldo, Balldoe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great product! Still waiting to try it. It was a little difficult to put on and actually bruised my scrotum. It was thicker than I thought and my not fit inside my wife. Will update later!

Donald J.
Nut Holder

I have a tight nut sack. I use one ring to help stretch my sack for about an hour. Then I slip my nuts into the holder. Wife loves when I insert it into her pussy and slam my hard cock on her clit.

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This toy sounds pretty unique - which means we had to get a reviewer's take on it! Read a full review of the Balldo from M. Christian on Kinkly. Their takeaway:

-A completely unique sex toy
-Ideal for anyone into testicular play
-Perfect for those looking for penetration options that don't require an erection
-Materials are high quality

-Very specific use
-Recommended manscaping might put many people off
-Getting into and comfortably out of the toy may take practice
-Packaging is very sub-par

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