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A Vibrator That Thrusts Itself...

A GIF of the Fun Factory Sundaze. The vibrator is shown in front of a white background with a wavelength design. The vibrator is shown moving to the various thrusting options it offers with text that states "It's vibrating. It's tapping. It's pulsing". | Kinkly Shop

Nobody says you have to do all of the work! Utilizing some of the latest advantages in technology, the Fun Factory Sundaze does all of the hard work for you! Packing tapping, vibrating, and pulsing sensations into a single toy, the Fun Factory Sundaze offers some of the most innovative technology available for toys today.

A Creative Design for Blended Orgasms...

GIF showing how the Snail Vibe sex toy works during penetration. It shows how the clitoral motor curls up (and uncurls) during each thrust in order to keep constant clitoral contact. | Kinkly Shop

Just like the Lora DiCarlo Osé 2, the Snail Vibe was crafted with innovation in mind. Solving the rabbit vibrator dilemma of inconsistent stimulation, the Snail's creative look allows the clitoral vibrator to maintain constant contact while the shaft thrusts in and out. As an added bonus, the ball-shaped ends make for super-easy gripping!

An Anal Plug that Thrusts Itself...

A GIF of the XR Brands Thump-It! Thumping Plug. The plug is shown in front of a plain white background while turned on. Being on makes the plug hop up and down to showcase the same movement it will do while inserted. The text on the GIF states "Made with Kinetic Technology. Thump-It!" | Kinkly Shop

Self-thrusting? Don't mind if we do! The XR Brands Thump-It Plug does all of the heavy lifting for you! Simply insert the Thump-It and use the wireless remote to instantly pop on the thrusting sensations. If you love the feeling of jiggling a plug while it's inserted, you're going to love the Thump-It!

Penetration Buffers for Better Intercourse...

The OhNut Penetration Buffer rings wrapped around a glass cylinder. This shows how the rings can work on a penis - without showing a penis. | Kinkly Shop

Vibrations aren't the only way to innovate! The OhNut penetration buffers offer a simple design that does exactly what it promises to do! Simply wrap these plushy rings around the base of a penis (or dildo!) to instantly create a "stopping point" during intercourse. Now you can thrust with abandon without worrying about accidentally harming yourself (or a partner!) by going too deep. As a bonus, the OhNuts are compatible with all types of lube!

An All-in-One Anal Stretching Toy...

GIF shows the Odile Discovery slowly going from its smallest diameter to its largest diameter as the key at the base of the anal dilator is turned. The text reads "from a finger tip size...ideal for butt opening" | Kinkly Shop

Looking for a simple way to slowly, erotically, and comfortably stretch out for anal play? The Odile is our best-selling option! This unique toy features a twistable key at the base of the shaft that makes the toy expand - or contract - millimeter by millimeter! Simply insert the toy at its smallest, and enjoy gradual expansion at your own pace for a personalized, comfortable anal experience.

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