Have you heard the news!? Kinkly Shop has a Rewards Program now! Shop with us (like you already are!), and earn rewards. Those rewards can be used as store credit at check-out, and as you climb the reward tiers, you'll be getting some super-awesome exclusive benefits too!

We could have set up one of those boring "Buy Product, Get Points" rewards program, but that isn't how we roll. Kinkly is all about making sex fun, playful, and all-around orgasmic and that's how we wanted our customer program to be too. (Probably less-on the "orgasmic" part, though. But if you DO experience some orgasms from all the money you save, we will totally take credit for that one.)

Our Pleasure Points program allows you to complete challenges, earn badges, show off your badges (if you want!), and redeem your rewards for awesome things and discounts at Kinkly Shop. Oh - and don't forget the exclusive access you earn as you progress in levels - including exclusive, high-value sales and permanent discounts every time you purchase from Kinkly Shop. Like we said: we wanted this to be fun!

Your Score and Your Points

When you sign up with Pleasure Points, you'll be greeted by two different numbers: your score and your points.

Your score is your "experience level". Essentially, your score helps you "level up" into our different Pleasure Points tiers. (And we promise, you definitely want to level up!)

Your points are your "reward tokens". These points can be directly redeemed to earn free product and get store credit for orgasmic toys you were going to buy anyway. Win-win!

By buying the sex toys you were already going to buy, you earn 1 score and 1 point with every dollar you spend. If that's all you want to do with the rewards program, great! You can entirely end there and still enjoy all of our rewards. You'll slowly level-up and earn spendable rewards as you shop on Kinkly Shop.

Complete Challenges for More Score & Points!

If you'd like to make things a bit more fun, though, our Pleasure Points program allows you to complete challenges to earn even more score and points to level up and earn rewards faster!

We're regularly expanding the available challenges to keep things fresh and fun - because buying sex toys should be just as fun as using them!


Rewards Levels

Remember those levels we mentioned? Our Pleasure Points program has four reward tiers/levels to enjoy - and to make it fun to "level up". (Who doesn't love leveling up?!) The score metric determines when you'll "level up" to the next level.

When you join, you'll automatically be a Pleasure Investigator. As your score goes up (your points don't matter for your level!), you'll level up. You'll start at Dabbling Shopper, move onto Adventure Seeker, and finally, you'll hit the top tier of them all: Experienced in Bliss!

Join the Pleasure Points Program

BEST OF ALL, everything about the Pleasure Points program is entirely free. You may choose to opt into the program when making a purchase with Kinkly Shop, and you'll earn rewards - all entirely free. It's just another awesome way we're rewarding you for shopping with us.

Ready to join? Use the Pleasure Points widget in order to sign-up for the program. On a desktop, this is located on the lower-right hand corner of your screen (on any page on Kinkly Shop!). On a cell phone, this is located on the lower, left-hand side of your mobile device (on any page on Kinkly Shop!). This is the primary way you'll interact with the Pleasure Points program.

Still have questions? We're always here to help. Feel free to reach out!

(Points have no cash value. Points expire 2 years after being earned.)

Frequently Asked Questions

(You've got questions; we've got answers.)

Where do I find the Pleasure Points widget?

The Pleasure Points Widget can be found on the lower-lefthand corner of whatever device you're using (computer or mobile). It's on every page on the website as well. This is the primary way you interact with Pleasure Points.

How Do I Add My Birthday?

A little birdie might have told you that adding your birthday meant you'll get a special surprise from us when that day rolls around. (If not, you know now!)

In order to receive that awesome surprise, we need to know your birthday. Since birthdays aren't required when you sign up with Shopify, you'll need to add it into the widget once you're all signed up.

Here's how:

1. Click the Pleasure Points widget on the lower, left-hand corner.

2. Scroll down until you see the Happy Birthday! badge. Since you haven't earned it yet, it will be grayed out and say "+Birthday" on it in green. Click it.

3. This will bring up the "Happy Birthday" badge info. You'll see a box to add the Month/Day/Year of your birthday - and you can click "Add" when you're done.

4. That's it! Now we'll be able to send along that fun surprise when your birthday rolls around!