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Beginner Friendly!

New to Anal? This works for you too!

Customizable to Your Body

Pick the exact size your body needs on any given day


Made from sterilizable, medical grade silicone

Anal Pleasure Isn't One Size Fits All

Have you ever wished for a sex toy that made anal sex easy? A sex toy that can grow from a small size to help you get prepped for anal intercourse? Well, it's not just a pipedream. The Odile makes it a reality.

Especially designed for anal preparation, the Odile offers a controllable shaft girth. Essentially, all you have to do is turn the key at the base of the Odile - and the Odile's thickness will get slightly smaller or slightly larger. The Odile makes gradual, safe, and precise anal dilation simple - to help prepare you for some amazing, pleasurable anal sex!

This puts everything about your sex toy experience into the (literal) palm of your hands. Big or small; you get to choose!

Odile is Easy to Use!

  1. Use your favorite lube to slicken up the shaft of the Odile.
    2. Gently slide the Odile into the butt.
    3. Turn the black "key" at the base to control the girth millimeter by millimeter!
    4. Control and enjoy the gentle stretch that only the Odile's all-in-1 design can provide - all at your own pace!


You know we’re famous for our sex education. We have an entire article to teach you how to use an anal dilator if you would love more info!

Why Is Anal Dilation So Important?

If you've been around Kinkly, you've probably read 300 articles that talk about how important a warm-up is before anal sex. One of the easiest ways to comfortably prep is anal dilation. Anal dilation is the process of gently and patiently helping your butt relax with gradually larger toys - until you reach the stretched size you want!

Not only does anal dilation make anal sex more pleasurable for everyone involved, but it also drastically reduces the chances of injury or negative anal outcomes. We've said it once, and we'll say it again: Anal sex shouldn't be painful!

Using slimmer toys before the "main event" gives your butt some time to relax - which provides an excellent warm-up before anal penetration. Think of it like extended foreplay! For some people, a single use of the Odile might be enough before they head straight into anal sex. For others, you might find it more comfortable to use Odile for a few weeks, gently increasing the thickness with each use, until your body feels like it's ready to comfortably enjoy anal sex.

This makes the Odile your BFF for pleasurable anal sex. You can customize the exact thickness you need and go at your own pace. The Odile's smallest size is 1" - a highly-recommended size for anal first-timers! The Odile's maximum diameter is 1.5" - which is about the average size of a biological penis.

In essence, the Odile can take you from your first anal toy - all the way to comfortable anal sex. We can't think of one other toy that can manage all of that by itself!

What Makes Odile Butt Plug Dilator So REVOLUTIONARY?

Dilator Features

Who Is It For?

We all have a butt! Odile works for anyone of any gender. It works solo - and it works partnered. (It even works in an orgy if you want! Though we'd recommend working out a system to keep track of whose Odile is whose....)

Since the Odile's design allows it to adjust from 1" in diameter all the way to 1.5" in diameter, the Odile works great as a first anal toy - or for people looking to prep themselves for their first pleasurable bouts of anal intercourse!

Hear What The Sexperts Say!

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Have you ever wished that you could change the size of your sex toy on-command? Are you excited by the idea of anal - but don't know where to start? Are you and your partner hoping to experience anal sex - but you want to ensure it's pain-free? The Odile makes all of that a reality.

Especially designed for anal use, the Odile offers a controllable shaft girth. Essentially, all you have to do is turn the key at the base of the Odile - and the Odile’s thickness will get slightly smaller or slightly larger. With the Odile, it’s impossible to buy the “wrong” thickness for yourself; a twist of the key at the base can make the Odile the perfect thickness for YOUR body.

This is also what makes the Odile an amazing helping hand for anal sex prep! Just lube and insert the Odile at its thinnest diameter (1"), and gently twist the key at the base of the Odile to gradually increase the diameter of the toy. This allows for effortless, easy anal dilation that makes the Odile your perfect warm-up companion for anal intercourse.

Odile puts everything about your anal experience into the (literal) palm of your hands. Big or small; quick or gradual; you get to choose!


  • Plastic (POM)
  • Silicone
  • Stainless steel
  • Body-friendly glue


Product Weight - 144g


Total length = 6.92 inches
Length of the shaft = 3.54 inches
Diameter at the base = 1.81 inches
Minimum diameter of the shaft = 0.98 inches
Maximum diameter of the shaft = 1.53 inches
Box Dimensions:
8.66" L x 5.51" W x 2.16" H


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Why is Kinkly launching this product?

Here are Kinkly, we really believe that all types of sex should be as fun and pleasurable as possible - including anal sex. The Odile makes it easy to enjoy pleasurable, safer anal sex. Its customizable diameter and approachable design means anyone can help find the right fit for their body - and that's everything we love here at Kinkly.

At the same time, we also understand how hard it can be as a small business starting off in the world of adult toys. There are a lot of toys out there! We wanted to help Odile (and their awesome dilator!) get the love and attention it deserves. This really is a brand new take on anal prep!

How do I use Odile?

Using the Odile is as easy as enjoying any of your other favorite toys. You just add a bit of lube to the Odile's shaft, slip it into where you want to use it, and turn the black "key" at the base. This "key" will cause the Odile to expand - which allows you to take your anal dilation to the perfect spot for your body!

Is the size suitable for most people?

Yes! The Odile was specifically crafted as a beginner-friendly anal dilator. It easily adjusts from 1" in diameter all the way to 1.5" in diameter - literally one millimeter at a time! A 1" diameter is a very workable diameter for many newbies to anal, and you can gradually adjust the thickness even larger to suit your needs as you enjoy more and more anal play. (That's the magic of the Odile!)

If you're regularly playing with toys that are larger than 1.5" in diameter, the Odile may not be for you at this point - and that's okay! Keep an eye out for future Odile releases!

How much does the dilator expand with every turn?

For every full turn of the "key" at the base, the Odile's shaft gets 1 millimeter larger (or smaller!).

As you reach the smallest (and thickest) diameters the Odile can achieve, you'll feel more resistance in the "key" that prevents you from continuing to turn it.

How do I wash my Odile toy?

Since the Odile is waterproof, it's a breeze to clean! Just use warm water and soap to clean. Most mild household soaps will work great!

It is possible to get water inside of the Odile. If that happens, hold the Odile upside down and shake it. That will help all of the water drip out of the Odile.

Ensure you don't put the Odile into storage until it's fully dry!

Is Odile Butt Plug Dilator waterproof?

Yes! There are no electric parts in the Odile that will be harmed by water. While water can get inside the Odile during vigorous cleaning, you can (and should!) easily shake out any excess water by turning the Odile upside down.

Is Odile Butt Plug Dilator Safe?

Yes! The Odile's frame is made from stainless steel while the base is made from a sturdy plastic (to help keep things lightweight!). The entire insertable area is covered in a silky-smooth silicone that glides smoothly against the skin.

Can the dilator be inserted fully expanded?

How you use the Odile is entirely up to you! If you'd like to insert it at its smallest size - then gradually expand - have at it! If you want to twist it to the perfect size, then insert it, that's entirely okay too. You do you, boo! So, yes! It can be inserted fully expanded!

How to store the product properly?

The Odile can be stored however it works best for you. Ensure the Odile is fully dried before putting it into storage - and you'll help retain the beautiful, vibrant color of the silicone by ensuring that it's stored away from direct sunlight.

Is it covered by Kinkly Shop's return policy?

Yes! Just like everything we sell on Kinkly Shop, the Odile is covered by our standard return policy in case of defective items. Check out our return policy here

Is the shipping discreet?

Of course! You can expect the same amazing, discreet shipping from Kinkly Shop that you've always enjoyed. Need more details about that? It's on our Shipping page. 

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