This year at Kinkly, we decided to take our Annual Gift Guides to the next level!

We have so many great products with satisfied customers reviews to back them up, so we just had to create these gift guides to help you find all new ways to experience pleasure - or gift it to people you care about!

If you're looking to gift a sure win, we recommend checking out some of these toys:

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Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

$49.99 $39.99 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $9.99 with 


The Satisfyer Wand-er Woman wand massager ensures you're always able to scratch those pleasurable itches. Designed as a multi-purpose wand massager, the Wand-er Woman doubles as a powerful muscle massager - in addition to the pleasurable potential it has between the legs! Its XXL size (even longer than the Vibratex Magic Wand!) makes it perfect for hitting hard-to-reach spots - especially along the upper back.

Womanizer Duo

$219.99 $175.99 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $43.99 with 


The Womanizer DUO Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator & G-Spot Vibrator is the perfect sensual companion for the discerning pleasure toy aficionado who refuses to settle for less than perfect.

It combines the best of both worlds: a clitoral stimulator that indulges your lust using gentle changes in air pressure, and a vibrator that fills you completely.

Equipped with the most powerful motor currently on the market and ten surprising stimulation patterns that you can activate as desired, the vibrator provides intense G-Spot massage.

Fun Factory Limba Flex

$61.99 $49.59 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $12.39 with 


Customize your Dildo! Ensure you always hit that perfect spot with the Fun Factory Limba Flex dildos. These bendable silicone toys allow you to fully customize your pleasure experience, and they allow you to change up your sensations - even multiple times in the same sex session! Bend the tip to hit the prostate or g-spot - or maybe you want to enjoy some sensual S-curves to make every inch as exciting as the last. Whatever you're into, the Limba Flex dildos are here to please!

Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargable

$129.95 $103.96 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $25.99 with 


Liberate your vibrator experience from the hassle of cords! Designed for anyone who is seeking extremely powerful vibrations in a portable package, the Rechargeable Magic Wand is crafted with an easy-to-clean silicone head and a plastic handle. Its four intense power settings and four vibration patterns require no power cord with its fully rechargeable form.

Enjoy long sessions? The Rechargeable Magic Wand is one of the few wand massagers available that offers a Plug-and-Play option. If your Rechargeable toy runs out of steam mid-use, just plug it into the charging cable, and you can resume play right away! You'll never have to wait for your vibrator again!

Satisfyer Pro 2

$59.95 $47.96 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $11.99 with 


Our best-selling model for your first venture into air suction sensation, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Rechargeable is a high-intensity clitoral stimulator that offers 11 escalating levels of suction and pulsation. With a wide tip especially designed to envelop the entire clitoris, this toy uses Air-Pulse Technology to stimulate the clit with intense pressure waves without ever making direct contact!

FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit

$99.99 $79.99 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $19.99 with 


The pleasure isn't in the price! Proof that orgasmic pleasure can be found at lower price points, the FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit was created to rock your world with its dual stimulation. Including a shaft that swirls in a full 360-degree motion and a clitoral arm with 7 orgasmic vibration strengths, this supercharged rabbit is designed for effortless pleasure - without the price tag!

We-Vibe Nova 2

$141.55 $113.24 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $28.31 with 


Keep constant contact with your pleasure spots for powerful orgasms. The We-Vibe Nova 2 takes everything that was amazing about the well-loved We-Vibe Nova and somehow makes it even better! A revolutionary design, the clitoral arm of the We-Vibe Nova 2 is entirely flexible to ensure that, no matter how deep (or shallow!) you're thrusting the g-spot end, you'll have constant clitoral pleasure.

We-Vibe Melt

$144.99 $115.99 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $28.99 with 


Intense suction pleasure for intimate moments! As the only air suction vibrator on the market designed to comfortably fit between bodies during intercourse, the We-Vibe Melt takes everything you love about powerful air suction vibrators - and makes them usable in close encounters. The Melt's Pleasure Air Technology surrounds the clitoris and uses changes in air pressure to gently (or powerfully!) massage the clitoris into mind-blowing orgasms.

We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe

$129.95 $103.96 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $25.99 with 


Clitoral pleasure - in public! Especially designed to be worn out of the house, the We-Vibe Moxie is one of the few remote-controlled vibrators that focuses on clitoral pleasures instead of vaginal pleasure. Pick up the included remote for easy control over the 10 powerfully rumbly vibration modes - or connect the We-Vibe Moxie to the mobile cell phone app for much-more-discreet control while you both are in public.

Wild Flower Enby 2

$74.99 $59.99 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $14.99 with 


A vibrator for EVERY body! Specifically designed as a pleasure object - for all bodies in all transitions of their lives - the Wild Flower Enby 2 sex toy is a versatile vibrator whose every inch was designed for different types of pleasurable stimulation. The rigid middle of the Enby sex toy offers an orgasmic area for grinding while the flexible "wings" of the Enby vibe can easily be curled in for cylindrical stroking. For even more added stimulation, one side of the Enby 2 sex toy is equipped with gentle ribbing throughout the surface.

8" Glass Ribbed G-Spot

$27.99 $22.39 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $5.59 with 


Rigid g-spot pleasure with the sensuality of glass! The Glass 8" Ribbed G-Spot Glass Dildo is a double-ended dildo with an orgasmic purpose: targeted pleasure of deeper g-spots! When inserting the curved end, the textured end works as a fantastic handle while the smooth, curved tip of the dildo offers a rigid toy for constant g-spot pressure. When inserting the textured end, the bulbed "handle" now becomes a fantastic short dildo - or an anal toy!

Njoy Pure Wand

$120 $96 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $24 with 


Meet the fan-favorite g-spot dildo. The Njoy Pure Wand has long been touted as the best g-spot toy the market, and it's easy to see why. Double-ended with a deep curvature to each end, the Njoy Pure Wand was built for g-spot pleasure. Each end of the Pure Wand features a thick, bulbed tip to provide full-contact, targeted pleasure as soon as it's slid inside. With two different ends featuring two different sizes, you can always choose the thickness that works well for your body that day - and still get mind-blowing g-spot stimulation!.

Liberator Tula

$100 $80 (20% OFF)

or 4 interest-free payments of $20 with 


Use your dildo or your wand massager - hands-free! Allowing you to get more creative with your sex toy use, the Liberator Tula offers a simple, supportive surface that makes it easy to play with your sex toys without needing to use your hands. The compact design that's short in height ensures that your sex toys stay well-within reach - and within the perfect positions for pleasure. The Tula Mount works perfectly for coupled or solo play!

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