Tenga Spinner

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Take this masturbator for a "spin". With a revolutionary design that won the Reddot Design Award in 2019, the Tenga Spinner offers a brand new look at penis masturbation sleeves. At first glance, the Tenga Spinner looks like any other masturbation sleeve, and when you slide it down your shaft, it will still have you fooled. However, on the upstroke, this sleeve's unique coil design causes the masturbator to rotate in a circular motion all the way back up - providing a different sensation you won't get in any other masturbation sleeve.

Hot Octopuss Jett

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The Hot Octopuss Jett is designed to vibrate you all the way to orgasm - entirely hands-free! A flexible, soft silicone sleeve holds two pleasurable bullet vibrators. Once strapped onto the penis with the vibrations turned on, you can lay back and enjoy as the powerful vibes push you to orgasm - no hands required!


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Despite the balls having a similar number of nerve endings as the vulva, they're often overlooked during pleasure - especially during intercourse. The Balldo's design works to change that - by making the balls the star of the intercourse show!

Essentially, the Balldo allows you to slide your testicles inside and then use them to penetrate your partner for ball sex. Since the sides of the Balldo are exposed, the wearer gets all the sensations as the testicles rub against the internal bits of their partner.

Fun Factory Limba Flex

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Customize your Dildo! Ensure you always hit that perfect spot with the Fun Factory Limba Flex dildos. These bendable silicone toys allow you to fully customize your pleasure experience, and they allow you to change up your sensations - even multiple times in the same sex session! Bend the tip to hit the prostate or g-spot - or maybe you want to enjoy some sensual S-curves to make every inch as exciting as the last. Whatever you're into, the Limba Flex dildos are here to please!

Blush Stay Hard Silicone Loop

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Fully-adjustable cock ring! The Blush Stay Hard Silicone Loop Cock Ring allows for a fully-customizable cock ring experience. Loop the large loop around the shaft or the base of the entire penis and balls, and push the slide into place for a snug fit. When you're done, push the button on the Stay Hard Silicone Loop Cock Ring slide, and the ring will loosen. Easy on, easy off!

Cloud 9 Flexible Neck Prostate Stimulator

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Beginner-friendly prostate pleasure - with a flexible tip to match YOUR body! Perfect to let you dip your toes into the world of prostate stimulation, the Cloud 9 Flexible Neck Prostate Stimulator offers a beginner-friendly design with just enough flexibility to form to your body's unique needs.

Perfect Fit XPlay Breeder

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Did you know that the head of the penis is the most-sensitive spot for most penis owners? With that in mind, the Perfect Fit XPlay Breeder Sleeve enhances the girth of the penis - while leaving the head of the penis available for the most sensations possible - and leaving things available for ejaculation as well!


Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Essential

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Enjoy award-winning penile vibrations with PulsePlate technology! The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential is a rechargeable, oscillating vibrator designed to bring the enjoyment of orgasmic vibrations to the unique shape of a penis. Equipped with "PulsePlate Technology" that delivers patented piston-like oscillations, the Pulse Solo Essential can be used with or without an erection - making it a fantastic choice for those who want more flexibility in their sex toy use.

Satisfyer Men Wand

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Powerful vibrations for full-shaft pleasure. Perfect for use whether flaccid or hard, the Satisfyer Men Wand is a long, vibrating toy designed for penile use. With a "winged" design that wraps around the most sensitive area of the penis, the toy's 50 powerful vibration combinations can be controlled at the touch of a button. With gentle texturing along the shaft of the Men Wand, subtle up-and-down stroking motions are even more pleasurable as the intense vibrations add an entire new layer of sensation to your favorite masturbation habits.

Nexus Revo Extreme

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Love prostate play but craving something bigger? We got you! The Nexus Revo Extreme is Nexus' solution to those who want targeted prostate sensations - but love the gentle stretch of a thicker toy. Not for the anal beginner, the Revo Extreme's thicker shaft features the same prostate-targeting design - but in an extra-wide design for added sensations. More than just its size, the Revo Extreme offers two types of stimulation.

Perfect Fit Bull Bag

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Explore two testicle toys in one! The Perfect Fit Bull Bag combines the pleasurable sensations of a ball stretcher with the unforgettable feel of a ball weight. Think about the orgasmic shudders that course through your body when a partner gives your sack a gentle, loving tug; that's what the Bull Bag replicates!

Kiiroo Keon

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Let the KEON do all the stroking for you! The KIIROO Keon is truly the latest in technological innovation - and it's all focused on penis pleasure.

The smartest automatic masturbator on the market today, the KEON literally does all the stroking for you. Just hold the KEON in place, and the powerful mechanical design lifts (and lowers!) the snug masturbation sleeve on your shaft.

Nexus Simul8

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Hit multiple pleasure spots with one toy! Designed for constant pressure and vibration on multiple erogenous zones, the Nexus Simul8 is a prostate massager with an attached dual cock ring. Designed for use while solo or with a partner, this toy targets the base of the penis, base of the testicles, the perineum, and the prostate - all at once!