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What is a vibrator? It's a sex toy that provides vibrations to pleasure erogenous zones on your body. Internal motors within the toy work hard to provide vibrations at the surface of the toy, and when the surface of the toy is touched to your favorite pleasure spots, the body can respond positively! Since the motor within a vibrator does all of the movement for you, people love vibrators because they can simply be held in place while all of the micromovements of the toy will provide the stimulation needed for orgasm.

Vibrators are definitely the most common type of sex toy there is! (Though we think dildos might be creeping their way into the limelight soon!)

Learning how to use a vibrator can take a bit of time too. After all, most of us don't have extensive experience handling buzzing objects to try to orgasm! We're here to help as much as we can! These how to use a vibrator articles can help you learn a bit more about handling these simple toys:

Vibrators are typically categorized by what sensation they provide or what erogenous zone they're designed to pleasure. This can make it easy to shop vibrators since you can narrow down the select to only include what you're looking for.

Clitoral vibrators, for example, are designed to pleasure the clitoris. Since the clitoris is a smaller area, most clitoral vibes are smaller in size - and may include functionality to "surround" the clitoris in vibrations for the most pleasure possible!

Another category that primarily pleasures the clit are air suction vibrators. Instead of relying on vibration, these unique toys gently "suck" where they're placed. A lot of people say that they're the closest thing they've found to oral sex from a toy! As an added bonus, since air suction toys surround the area and never directly touch the area, they can reduce overstimulation to make way for more pleasure, marathon sessions, and multiple orgasms!

Instead of focusing on the clit, g-spot vibrators take that laser focus to the g-spot. With an insertable, curved shape, g-spot vibes snuggle up against the g-spot and vibrate it into orgasmic oblivion. As everyone's g-spot is a bit different, it might take a few different g-spot vibes to find the one for you, but when you do, people can swear by them! As an added bonus, the long length of most g-spot vibrators makes them easier-to-handle vibrators for everyone else on the body, too!

If blended orgasms are what you're after, you might enjoy the rabbit vibrator. Designed for simultaneous g-spot and clitoral pleasure, rabbit vibrators help hit two erogenous zones in a single toy! While modern rabbit vibrators are available in a whole host of creative shapes (just look at the Snail!), this vibrator style got its name from the "rabbit ears" that used to accompany the clitoral attachment (like can still be found in the Booster Rabbit).

Of course, vibrators aren't just a solo activity! Couples vibrators are toys specifically crafted for use alongside another person. These vibrators might be worn during intercourse, designed to pleasure your anatomy at the same time as someone else's, or have unique designs that can be swapped between you and your partner during foreplay. It's a broad category; its only requirement is that it's designed to be used with more than one person.

For people looking for the most power possible, we recommend the wand massager category. These are some of the largest vibrators we sell, and that large size allows these toys to house some of the most powerful motors too! Similar in design to a microphone, these powerful toys are known for their strength - but definitely not their discretion! They are also some of the loudest vibrators out there, but many people are happy to make the trade for that "gotta have it" power.

If discretion is important to you, we'd recommend bullet vibrators instead. These vibrators get their name from their small, "bullet" sized shape that can easily fit into most people's pockets. About the length and width of a finger, bullet vibrators tend to be the most portable, easy-to-hide vibrator option out there. While they won't have the strength of their full-sized counterparts, they make up for it in discretion and their ability to snuggle into small spaces.

Want to experience vibrator sex toys for yourself? Wondering where to buy vibrators? Lucky for you, this exact page includes all of the vibrators we sell here on the Kinkly Shop. Our curated selection has been specifically chosen to ensure you'll have an amazing vibration experience - no matter what toy you choose.

We're talking about some of the most innovative vibrators out there, too! You can find a the most popular vibrator ever made, a panty vibrator capable of double penetration, a bendable all-gender vibrator, an air suction vibrator made to pleasure the penis, a cell phone controlled vaginal vibrator, and a vibrator crafted to fit on the finger like a second skin.

For the easiest shopping experience, we recommend using our navigational menu to narrow down to a smaller vibrator category, but if you want to view every vibrator we sell, this page will be your best friend!

With our 30-day return policy and helpful chat support (we have so many ways to reach out if you need help!), we're here to make your sex toy shopping experience as effortless and fun as possible. Happy shopping!

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Dame Arc - Kinkly Shop Dame Arc - Kinkly Shop
Dame Arc
1 review
Save $25
Doxy Die Cast massager in Aluminum | Kinkly Shop Doxy Die Cast massager in Purple | Kinkly Shop
Doxy Die Cast
$239.99 $214.99
Save $5.60
Mystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator | Kinkly Shop Mystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator | Kinkly Shop
Mystim GmbH
Mystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator
1 review
$145.59 $139.99
LELO MONA Wave - Kinkly Shop LELO MONA Wave
$174.89 $159.99
Save $32.90
Two copies of the Inya Triple Delight in Dark Teal shown next to one another, each wearing one of the two included acrylic pussy pump caps. | Kinkly Shop A hand holds the Inya Triple Delight. It looks like an extra-long dildo in the hand, with the fingers easily enclosed around the "shaft/handle" of the Inya Triple Delight. The licking tongue and pussy pump cap stick out at the top of the toy. | Kinkly Shop
NS Novelties
Inya Triple Delight
$114.89 $81.99
3/4ths angle on the vibrator. This showcases the power button near the base as well as the slightly curved design of the vibrator. The g-spot platform contouring near the upper half of the vibrator is very evident here. | Kinkly Shop Backside of the KIIROO Pearl3 G-Spot Vibrator in purple. The entirety of the vibrator is silicone except for a plastic shiny panel near the base. | Kinkly Shop
KIIROO Pearl3 G-Spot Vibrator
1 review
Save $4.26
Side view of the Kinklab Hammerhead up against a white background. This view showcases the two different textures that the Kinklab Hammerhead has inside of it. One side has ribbing while the other side has protruding nubs. The material is see-through, and a penis could likely be viewed through the material during use. | Kinkly Shop The Kinklab Hammerhead up against a white background. This angled view really showcases all of the protruding nubs that are found throughout the entire channel. | Kinkly Shop
Kinklab Hammerhead
$26.25 $21.99
Save $40
Rocks-Off Enigma Fuzion up against a white background. This angle showcases the intense curve of the handle to the shaft. | Kinkly Shop A hand holds the Rocks-Off Enigma Fuzion with the shaft facing towards the hand owner. This angle showcases the drastic curve of the insertable portion of the vibrator to make it easier to grip and use. | Kinkly Shop
Rocks-Off Enigma Fuzion
$137.99 $97.99
Save $35
FemmeFunn Vortex Wireless Turbo Rabbit in Cream with its wireless remote control leaning up against it. | Kinkly Shop Two views of the FemmeFunn Vortex Wireless Turbo Rabbit side-by-side show the rotating rabbit vibe from the side as well as a front view that shows the two-pronged clitoral tickler design. | Kinkly Shop
FemmeFunn Vortex Wireless Turbo Rabbit
$159.99 $124.99
Lay flat image that shows the wand massager and all wand massager attachments of the Cloud 9 Flexible Head Wand Kit | Kinkly Shop GIF showing the unique sensation of this silicone wand massager attachment on the Cloud 9 Flexible Head Wand Kit | Kinkly Shop
Cloud 9 Novelties
Cloud 9 Flexible Head Wand Kit
2 reviews
Fun Factory Ocean | Kinkly Shop Fun Factory Ocean
Fun Factory
Fun Factory Ocean
Save $25.46
Satisfyer Pro Deluxe - Kinkly Shop The Satisfyer Pro Deluxe in front of a plain white background. There are arrows and text around the product image that showcase the different features. Text includes: "Product features. Body-safe silicone head. Easily switch between 11 different pressure wave settings. Magnetic charging connection. Clitoral stimulation through air pressure waves. Ergonomic design to ensure easy use." | Kinkly Shop
Satisfyer Pro Deluxe
4 reviews
$87.45 $61.99
Womanizer Classic 2 in Bordeaux | Kinkly Shop The Womanizer Classic 2 in Bordeaux and Black are both sitting next to each other inside of two gold loops. There are dried flowers placed next to them to make their colors stand out more. | Kinkly Shop
Womanizer Classic 2
1 review
Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Duo - Kinkly Shop Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Duo - Kinkly Shop
Hot Octopuss
Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Duo
Save $36.49
A photo of the Evolved Gyro Vibe against a white background. Multiple images of the Gyro Vibe in motion have been superimposed over a single image to show how the toy wiggles back and forth. | Kinkly Shop GIF shows the Evolved Gyro Vibe suction cupped on a white background. A person removes their hand, and the toy wiggles all over the place. The suction cup at the base of the toy is even strong enough to pull up against the photo studio itself, showing the Evolved Gyro Vibe moving vertically as well as horizontally. The text on the GIF reads" Suction Cup Base. Springy and Flexible" | Kinkly Shop
Evolved Gyro Vibe
$182.48 $145.99
The Dame Dip vibrator in periwinkle in front of a white background | Kinkly Shop A hand holds the Dame Dip vibrator. It looks like it fits comfortably in their fingers, and it's about the exact same length as the person's entire hand. The pointed tip of the Dame Dip vibrator looks like it would fit easily into most crevices. | Kinkly Shop
Dame Dip
$49.00 $37.99

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