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If you don't have to hold your toy, why would you?

You wouldn't! Not if there was another option out there. And with Sex Toy Mounts, there are.

Not only do these Mounts hold your favorite sex toys, hands-free, but they also function as amazing sex positioning shapes too!

If you're having a tough time imagining how a sex toy mount could be helpful, let us give you some inspiration:

  • Masturbation with a hands-free wand massager. Lay back on the bed, put the Liberator Tula between your legs with a wand massager, and go to town. Win-win!
  • Whether you use your favorite dildo anally or vaginally, you can slip the dildo into yourself - then lay back and snuggle up with the head of the Axis-held massager against the base of your toy. Now all of those powerful vibrations will transmit through your toy!
  • Hands-free dildo riding. Climb on top of the BonBon and experience a soft, supportive surface that happens to fit your favorite dildo. No suction cup to rely on here! With it perfectly in place, you're free to enjoy your vaginal or anal stimulation - while leaving your hands free for pleasuring anywhere else - like a clitoris or penis!
  • Added stimulation during foreplay. Sex toy mounts aren't just solo shapes. They also can works great during foreplay. The Wanda can add hands-free vibrations while touching one another - or someone can enjoy penetration with the Humphrey during a hot, hot make-out session!
  • Use it as a standard sex positioning shape. Nobody says you have to use the sex toy mounting features. Take all of the toys out, and they become a bolster for the bedroom! Its supportive surface can help elevate hips - or just become a supportive cushion when a position needs a bit more oomph to make it magical.

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