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Welcome to the amazing world of sex machines (AKA fucking machines)! These powerful sex toys are the cream of the crop; the most-intense, most-powerful "sex toys" you can buy. If you're looking to buy sex machine, you're in the right place!

What is a sex machine? A sex machine is any type of device that automates some act of sexual pleasure - usually thrusting. While that description would describe quite a few vibrators, sex machines tend to separate themselves from standard vibrators by their sheer size - and usually by a much-larger movement or intensity than its much-smaller counterparts can provide.

For example, while you can get vibrations from any of the body safe sex toys we sell, the Cowgirl sex machine offers some serious intensity - well beyond anything that's only 8" long can provide. The FunFactory Sundaze can provide some pleasurable microthrusts (as can the Thump-It Anal Plug!), but none of those thrusts will compare to the length and power behind the thrusts of the Cloud 9 Novelties F-Slider Pro, Cloud 9 Portable Thruster, or Cloud 9 Pro 3.

So when you're getting a sex machine, you're getting a huge influx of power - and intensity - behind whatever sensation you're looking to explore - whether that be automated thrusting, extremely powerful vibrations, or automated stroking.

Are you unsure how to use a sex machine? It's pretty much the same as any other sex toy! First, check out the instruction manual. It'll teach you the physical "how-tos" specific to your machine. Unlike a lot of sex toys, we don't recommend using your sex machine to "warm-up". As the intensity on a lot of sex machines can be pretty high, you'll likely find it more pleasurable to only pull out your sex machine after your body is already aroused and ready to go. Using some of your favorite vibes or dildos to prep yourself is usually the best way to go.

Sex machines aren't just for people with vaginas! Almost every sex machine can be a sex machine for men - or a sex machine for women! Most of the saddle vibrator sex machines like the Cowgirl riding sex machine can be used by anyone of any gender who wants to experience intense vibrations (with the external-only attachments) or who wants to experience intense internal pleasure (with the internal attachments). A male sex machine might include a penis stroker that automates all of the "stroking" for you. And, of course, any dildo sex machine that thrusts a dildo can be used by anyone of any gender - whether you want it as a vagina sex machine or an anal sex machine.

If you're looking to buy sex machine or just browse to find the best sex machine for when the time is right, we have the selection you're looking for. We know a big purchase comes with a lot of questions, though, so if you have some, please feel free to reach out to our Live Chat - or send us an email at any time!

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