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Showing 1 - 24 of 54 products
Orion VibePad 2 with the remote control | Kinkly ShopTwo illustrations for the Orion VibePad 2. The top illustration shows someone sitting on top of the Orion VibePad 2 on top of a chair. The second illustration shows the flicking tongue moving back and forth Orion VibePad 2. | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Adjustable Spreader Bar, Black - Kinkly ShopGIF shows a close-up view that showcases the adjustable design of the Sportsheets Adjustable Spreader Bar | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Plus Size Doggie Strap - Kinkly ShopA person is holding onto the Sportsheets Plus Size Doggie Strap while kneeling behind their partner with the doggie style strap going around the receptive partner's hips | Kinkly Shop
Dame Pillo - Kinkly ShopDame Pillo - Kinkly Shop
Dame Dame Pillo
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Packaging for the Sportsheets Sex Sling | Kinkly ShopImage shows the Sportsheets Sex Sling laid out flat to better invision how it works. You can see the two cuffs that wrap around the ankles as well as the neck/back strap that helps keep the Sportsheets Sex Sling in place. You can also see the adjustable straps on each side to adjust the length of each cuff. | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling as if it was being hung from a door. Shows the various straps and designs of the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling. | Kinkly ShopTwo people are using the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling for pretend intercourse. The receiving partner is lacing, face down, with their hips firmly on the sex sling seat and their legs pressing into the wall behind them. The penetrating partner stands between their partner's legs between the partner's hips and the wall for intercourse. | Kinkly Shop

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What is Sex Furniture?

To put it simply, sex furniture is furniture made specifically for sex. While your bed and couch are fantastic places to have sex, they weren't designed for sex; they were designed to best support the body while sleeping and sitting, respectively.

Sex furniture, on the other hand, is designed for better sex. These pieces elevate the body and change the angles to allow for easier and more pleasurable sex. It can be as simple as a supportive wedge (to help elevate the hips to make it easier to hit the g-spot or p-spot!) all the way to an elaborate piece of sex furniture that's as big as your couch!

That's the magic of erotic furniture: it's there to support your sex life, and the wide variety of shapes available means that it can support a wide range of people's needs and desires.

Why Is There Furniture Designed for Sex?

You can go your entire life without using any furniture designed for sex. We think you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun, but hey - you do you.

Furniture designed for sex is there to help you in a couple different ways. It:

  • Makes sex more pleasurable. Having sex while laying flat can make it difficult to hit the most pleasurable areas inside of the body - which usually happen to be hiding behind a curve. Furniture designed for sex can help comfortably angle the body into positions that make it easier to hit the g-spot or p-spot - or positions that make it easier to go deeper (or shallower)!
  • Makes sex more comfortable. Holding your body up in odd positions can get tiring, and no one wants to focus on shaking muscles instead of sexual pleasure. By using furniture designed for sex to support the body, you can reduce how much you need to hold up your own body - allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the sensations.
  • Makes sex more accessible. Not only can it make sex more comfortable, but it can also make positions possible that were otherwise inaccessible. Sex furniture can support the body in various ways - like reducing pressure on the knees, providing a gentle sloping angle for a tight back, or cradling areas that might need support during pleasure.
  • Makes various spots more accessible. The running gag about a sore neck after giving cunninglingus on a bed isn't just a joke; it's a real point of soreness that happens because of the flat placement of a body against the bed. Using furniture designed for sex to elevate the receiver's hips can eliminate that strain on the giver’s neck. That same position can also make it easier to rim someone - or even simply use sex toys on them! Something as simple as elevating the hips off of the bed can be tremendously helpful!
  • Provide additional stimulation. If you get erotic furniture designed to mount your favorite sex toys, you can have hands-free pleasure during intercourse - or while playing alone! Something like the Liberator Axis can hold your favorite wand massager in place while the Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog can hold a penis stroker in place. The Liberator Bon Bon, Tula, or Wing can hold vibrators or dildos for hands-free stimulation - or provide double penetration. It's all up to you!
  • Offers something new. While comfort and better orgasms are high on the "heck yes!" list for us, furniture designed for sex also, simply, offers something new. You and your partner probably have a few tried-and-true positions that you do on a regular basis. Adding erotic furniture into the bedroom instantly gives you an "excuse" to venture away from your standard favorites - and see how else your bodies can fit together. Simply put, furniture designed for sex can provide new experiences!

Should I Get Inflatable Sex Furniture or High-Density Foam?

When you're first starting to look into sex furniture, the price tag of inflatable sex furniture can be alluring. Not only is it usually a fraction of the cost, but it can deflate into a flat version of itself.

And we'll give it that: being able to deflate your sex furniture and crumple it into a ball in the back of the closet does offer a level of discretion that high-density foam sex furniture can't compete with.

However, inflatable sex furniture comes with its own laundry list of issues: most notably, longevity. Unlike high-density foam sex furniture which can last years (one of our staffers is in love with her Wedge - which is going on year 13 of constant use!), inflatable sex furniture's lifespan only lasts until you pop a hole in it. Strenous, active activities on your inflatable sex furniture (like great sex!) make that more likely to happen. You can certainly attempt to patch up the hole (if you can find it), but we really recommend thinking about what your plan is for your inflatable sex furniture when that hole happens.

You also need to consider how inflatable sex furniture sounds during use. Remember those squeaky noises that happen with pool toys? Well, your inflatable sex furniture can make those same noises. Maybe that’s a fetish for you, but for many, it might be distracting.

Depending on the quality of your inflatable sex furniture, you may also encounter rough edges. During manufacturing, PVC seams can feel a bit rough to touch. We know we've been scratched by inflatable pool toys while playing at the pool; feeling that same sensation in your most sensitive areas is definitely something you'll want to avoid.

You also need to consider whether you're interested in physically blowing up your inflatable sex furniture each time before you want to use it. If you use an air pump, think about the noise that comes alongside that air pump. Inflatable sex furniture may end up having a very not-discreet side if you use an air pump.

When comparing inflatable sex furniture to high-density foam sex furniture, the biggest downside to high-density foam is its physical size. It doesn't deflate; your high-density foam piece will always be the exact same size and shape. This means you need to have a storage area that can fit your new sex furniture shape.

However, the fact that it doesn't squish down means a few things. High-density foam sex furniture:

  • Is instantly available for use. You don't need to blow it up or prep it. Just simply put it where you want it, and it's good to go.
  • Provides powerful support. Unlike inflatable sex furniture, which can sag under higher weights, high-density foam holds strong (yet soft and plushy, unlike something made of plastic) against body weight. The Liberator Plus Wedge and Ramp, for example, are designed to provide fantastic support for a set of lovers who each weigh over 300 pounds. High-density foam is much, much more supportive than you could imagine!
  • Is fantastic for lounging. While your sex furniture is made for sex, it's also really fantastic for non-sex uses too. Support your back while reading in bed or elevate your upper body for sleep with the Liberator Flip Ramp. Stretch your back with the Liberator BonBon. It's up to you and where you need support!

Curious about what high-density foam looks like in practice? All Liberator sex furniture is high-density foam, as is the Dame Pillo, our product pages have pictures!

Most high-density foam sex shapes include moisture-resistant interior liners designed to stand up to the demands of hot sex. These moisture-resistant liners help protect the foam from liquids and bodily fluids. However, if you plan on doing extra wet and messy activities on your sex furniture, it may go beyond the abilities of a high-density foam liner's ability to protect the foam. If extra wet and messy (we're talking watersports-level messes!) is your jam, make sure to pick up a waterproof blanket (like the Liberator Throw) to drape over your favorite high-density foam sex furniture shapes - or consider using inflatable sex furniture.

We support you either way you choose to go, but customers who have tried high-density foam don't usually go back to inflatable sex furniture. If the price point is what's keeping you from trying high-density foam, we recommend starting off with something small like the Liberator Jaz.

Does Bondage Sex Furniture Exist?

With the popularity of furniture made for sex, it shouldn't surprise you to find out that bondage sex furniture exists too! Whether you're brand new to bondage and want something approachable - or intentionally want bondage sex furniture that sparks a mixture of arousal and terror everytime you see it, it exists.

For people who aren't looking to make their own bondage dungeon, you can explore the world of Liberator bondage sex furniture. Called the "Black Label" line by the manufacturer, all of these pieces are the same sex furniture shapes you know and love (that help provide so much support during your favorite sex positions) - that just happen to be equipped with bondage points for even more versatility.

Most of the Liberator bondage sex furniture includes their own cuffs by default - or have the option to receive cuffs with your new purchase. This lets you explore the world of bondage as soon as your new purchase hits your doorstep - no other purchases required!

If you're brand new to bondage sex furniture, we recommend the Liberator Black Label Wedge. Our best selling bondage sex furniture piece, the Black Label Wedge mixes the versatility of the Wedge shape with two cuffs and two bondage points. Easily use the cuffs for the wrists or the ankles depending on what sex position you have in mind. Talk about versatility!

Another best-selling introduction to the world of bondage sex furniture is the Under the Bed Restraints system. This simple system slides underneath your already-there mattress - and turns your bed into a bondage playground. Discreet and easy to hide, it's also a customer favorite. Why purchase a dedicated piece of bondage sex furniture if you can get away with simply turning your mattress into one?

If you're looking for something less fluffy - and more "serious bondage", don't forget to browse some of the other options out there. A Queening Chair with built-in bondage points can quickly become one of your favorite ways to explore oral sex. You might enjoy the perfect visual of using an impaler as your partner stands helpless and filled with your favorite sex toys. The foldable, portable, bondage-anywhere design of the Bondi might appeal to your “gotta have it now” bondage desires.

What Sex Room Furniture Should I Prioritize to Make a Room Just for Sex?

Need sex room furniture for the dedicated sex room you're making? We're jealous - and impressed at the same time!

While the sex room furniture you choose will be unique to your needs, we can offer some helpful hints to get you started - and provide a good spread of different options to help meet virtually any need that pops up while enjoying this new room of yours.

We'd recommend:

A Liberator Wedge. While the Wedge looks simple, there's a lot of magic in this simplicity. The Wedge's triangular shape fits virtually anywhere on the body for sturdy, yet supple, support that changes up your standard angles. It can elevate the hips - or elevate the head (great for facesitting!). It can elevate the thighs - or support the hips in doggy style so that you can lay down. For being portable, the Wedge really is an amazing piece of sex room furniture!

A Bed. It's so simple, but it's so important. If you have the space for a bed, it offers multiple benefits as sex room furniture. It can be a great, flat yet soft, surface for using your sex furniture shapes on - but it also can be a fantastic place to "crash" after enjoying yourself on another piece of sex furniture. A bed makes for great after-sex cuddles!

Equus Wave: Large enough to be a piece of furniture all on its own, the Equus Wave offers some serious sex room furniture versatility. Stack the two halves together for a flat surface that's perfect for massages, wax play, or anything else where lying is a "yes please!" Separate the two pieces to explore the world of luscious, sensual curves that instantly change up how your bodies fit together. (Also, the Equus Wave makes for some seriously comfy naps. We're just sayin'!)

Door Jam Sex Sling: Don't worry about installing ceiling mounts with this piece of sex room furniture. Instead, the Door Jam Sex Sling slides over any existing, sturdy door in a doorframe - and uses the power of the closed door to provide support! With easy-grip handles and leg rests and a large, padded seat, the Door Jam Sex Sling is going to be one of the most comfortable sex swings you've ever used - and that's a great thing! As an added bonus, the Door Jam Sex Sling comes with an optional dildo/vibrator mount panel. Slide your favorite toys into the sex swing's seat - and it will keep them in place!

Your Favorite Sex Machine: If you're going to have your own sex room furniture, why not make it extra-special by stocking it full of machines that can provide the pleasure for you? Whether you want a thrusting dildo or a vibrator who's power rivals power tools, sex machines can automate the process - leaving your hands free for other things. Better yet, watch your partner receive pleasure - and see your partner in new angles you've never seen before!

(FYI, if you want to get started building out your sex room furniture, our DIY Sex Dungeon BDSM Kit offers some hefty savings on some of our most-recommended products. Check it out!)

Where to Buy Sex Furniture?

Unfortunately, you can't buy sex furniture in most standard home furniture stores. (We’re looking forward to the day when erotic furniture is normalized enough to earn a spot in mainstream furniture stores!)

However, when you're looking for where to buy sex furniture, you can buy it online from select adult retailers - like us!

This can actually work out to your advantage. Not only can you easily compare and contrast your different options, but when you finally decide which one is best for you, your new sex furniture item will ship directly to your door. Especially if you're buying a larger piece of sex furniture (like the Equus Wave or Esse Chaise!), this means not having to worry about your new piece of sexy furniture fitting into your car.

Being able to buy sex furniture online also means that you have access to a sex expert - like our staff here on Kinkly Shop. You can ask questions about your potential sex furniture options from people who are intimately familiar with sex furniture - instead of a home furnishings store where employees might be uncomfortable with sexual topics. We're here to be open, honest, and forthcoming with you. Worried about sex fluids ruining your new sex furniture? We'll be happy to talk. (Spoiler: Most sex furniture covers are washable in the washer just like your favorite clothing for easy sex clean-up!)

Plus, online stores (like us!) offer different payment options - like Sezzle - to ensure that you can afford your sex furniture in the way that’s best for you!