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So great! Amazing price AND quality! Super soft and comfy cuffs. I am very sensitive to materials and I have joint pain. I love this bar! Breaks apart into three pieces. Only thing I would change is to get a case for it that has separate compartments for storage.


great, light, sturdy, good quality. we had lots of fun with this!

Is it a BDSM toy? A position aid? It’s a little of both!

Is it a BDSM toy? A position aid? It’s a little of both!

A little bit about it: The Edge Spreader Bar comes from Sportsheets, a well known retailer of BDSM toys (but they have other kinds as well). The bar is black aluminum that adjusts from 28.5-37″. It has a clip on each end to attach cuffs, along with a D ring in the center of the bar, and can be completely disassembled for easy storage and traveling.

What I loved: I’ve had cuffs and other kinds of restraints, but I’ve never had a spreader bar. I ended up really liking it. It holds my legs (or arms) securely open. The swivelling clasps at the ends give my feet a little bit of wiggle room, so I stay both mostly immobile with just enough movement to stay comfortable so I can stay bound for a longer amount of time.

When I’m on my back, he can attach my ankles to the bar and use it to raise my legs. Very simple, but has a huge impact on positioning, allowing him to go deeper. It’s a little easier for him as well, since he can hold the bar to raise my legs from a more central location, instead of struggling with my ankles.

Loved that you can use the bar to push the bound person’s legs back, and could even have the receiver hold the bar (and therefore legs) for themselves, freeing the giver’s hands to do other things. Also extra comfortable. Awesome position aid.

Final thought: Worth it. It’s not super pricey for the amount of use you may get out of it, and well worth having it in your collection.

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