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Box of the Curiosity Cues with a few of the cards open and spread out in front of the packaging. The box has an orange-to-yellow gradient. | Kinkly ShopPile of the Curiosity cards sitting out against a white background. The front of the cards has a yellow-to-orange gradient that says "Let's talk about sex baby". Questions on the three displayed cards states: "What makes sex good? What do you define as foreplay? Does sex count for you if you don't orgasm?" | Kinkly Shop
Close-up of the individually-wrapped Champ Body-Cleansing Wipes. Their small packets look like square condoms. | Kinkly ShopPackaging for the Champ Body-Cleansing Wipes. The square box states "Champ. 12 Cleansing Body Wipes. Original Formula. Fragrance-Free".
CleanStream Enema BulbCleanStream Enema Bulb
The Cutie Pies Dry Stick up against a white background. It almost blends in entirely. It looks like a plain white cylinder with a rounded tip on one side. | Kinkly ShopThe Cutie Pies Dry Stick shown inserted into a realistic masturbation sleeve. It sticks out the end of the toy while the majority of the Dry Stick is inside the toy for fast drying. | Kinkly Shop
The bottle of the Tantus Apothecary After Care Cream. It has a squirt-top pump at the top of the bottle. It looks like a lotion bottle. | Kinkly Shop
The Kama Sutra Getaway Kit packaging and bag with every item included in the romantic getaway kit sitting in front of the bag | Kinkly ShopA hand holds the included Treasures of the Sea bath salts container. It looks sized like a travel sized container of body lotion. It is very blue. | Kinkly Shop

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