Shunga Sea Salt Bath Crystals


Scent: Aphrodisia


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Better Bath Experience

Talk about transforming a bath. Goddamn. Just a single scoop of these crystals leaves my bathroom feeling amazing and the water a perfect shade of blue. I (honestly) use two scoops of the stuff for each bath. Once the water is up to temp, I put in one scoop of the crystals right where the bathtub faucet is filling up the bath. This dissolves the first batch really well and starts making blue water. Once the bathtub is completely full, I pour in another scoop and mix it around with my arm before getting in. Everything about it feels amazing.

Most importantly: zero clean-up. I do have to run a shower rinse and move my showerhead to get all of the areas of the bathtub, but it doesn't leave the bathtub slippery or colored which is vital. I'd be too lazy to clean it up to ever use it again.

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