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Welcome to our selection of sex toys for prostate massage! What is prostate massage? Prostate massage is the act of stroking and touching the prostate. The prostate is regularly referred to as the "male g-spot". It's, essentially, an extremely sensitive bundle of nerves inside the butt of penis-owning people that can be orgasmic for many - and extremely pleasurable for others. Prostate massagers are sex toys that were designed especially for hitting the prostate when slid into the body - just like g-spot vibrators are designed for g-spot pleasure.

Is this your first prostate massager? If so, pay attention to the diameter of your first vibrating prostate massager. While most massagers for the prostate are slim in diameter, they have a small variance. If this is your first anal toy - ever - we recommend sticking with a diameter under 1.25". If you've used other anal toys in the past, use your previous toys' width as a starting point for selecting your first toy to make it the best prostate massager possible! Want more advice? Our 8 Tips for Choosing a Prostate Massager article is a great place to start!

Now that you know how to select your toy, you might be curious about how to use a prostate massager. First off, we recommend standard anal toy use - like being aroused ahead of time, using lots of water based lube, and being careful, slow, and patient with your body. Beyond that, it's a matter of sliding the prostate massager in, squeezing your pelvic floor muscles to help your prostate massager rock against the prostate, and trying different positions to help that toy make constant contact with the prostate. The fetal position tends to be a favorite for many.

Don't become discouraged if you aren't able to have hands-free orgasms right away. After all, you've likely been earning orgasms from other stimulation your entire life. Your body isn't going to instantly do an about-face to realize this is a second channel of orgasmic potential. It's going to take time. (Want more information about milking your prostate?)

Welcome to our curated list of prostate massagers. We pick out some of the best prostate massager options to ensure you have an easy buying experience; just find what appeals to you, and you're going to get a fantastic experience! We carry a unique selection of options including the best prostate massagers including a vibrating prostate massager, an app-controlled prostate massager, a male prostate massager, a prostate massage toy, an Aneros prostate massager, a Nexus prostate massager, a prostate massager with cock ring, a remote control prostate massager, and an automated prostate massager. Our curated selection includes some of the best prostate massagers on the market - each with their individual features. Don't be shy to reach out via our support line if you have any questions. Happy shopping!

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