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Showing 49 - 72 of 86 products
Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit - Kinkly ShopClone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit - Kinkly Shop
Lovense Gush | Kinkly ShopGIF of the Lovense Gush being used on an illustrated penis. It shows how the Lovense Gush slides back and forth on the shaft. One image shows the Lovense Gush with the band and the other shows the Lovense Gush being used without the band. The text on the GIF says: "Choose your Way to Orgasm...Stroking. Without band. With band." | Kinkly Shop
The KIIROO Onyx+ in front of a white background with a see-through illustration that showcases the rings inside of the Onyx+. This pretend panel shows a window into the toy itself to showcase how the rings wrap around the shaft once it's inserted to easily squeeze in tandem for stimulated stroking. | Kinkly ShopKIIROO Onyx+ | Kinkly Shop
The Master Series Cock Dangler penis weight holster with a weight inside of it. The three other weights sit out next to the holster. The weights are interchangeable with the one inside of the holster. | Kinkly ShopAn illustration of an erect penis and a person's hand. The Master Series Cock Dangler penis weights is hanging off the tip of the erect penis while the person's hand is holding the other, unused weights. | Kinkly Shop
VeDO Hummer 2.0 penis sex machine | Kinkly ShopGIF shows the movement that the VeDO Hummer 2.0 provides. The hands free male sex toy clearly attaches to the penis then expands and contracts to force the penis sleeve to move up and down on the penis. This image shows what the movement looks like. The text reads "Mind Blowing Top Speed 180 RPMs" | Kinkly Shop
KIIROO Pearl2+ vibrator leaning up against the KIIROO Onyx+ penis stroker sleeve | Kinkly ShopA human hand holding the KIIROO Onyx Plus penis stroking sleeve | Kinkly Shop
The Satisfyer Signet Ring laid out on a white background. Two badges are shown in the foreground. One badge says "Also usable with free app" and the other badge says "CES Innovation Awards: 2021 Honoree". | Kinkly ShopImage of the Satisfyer Signet Ring with various arrows pointing to parts of the cock ring. The text reads "Product Features. Magnetic charging connection. Control vibrations. Very supple and flexible. Satisfyer Connect enabled for an infinite range of programs. Smooth surface made of body-friendly silicone. Ribbed texture arouse the clitoris. Slows blood flow to sustain erection and increase stamina." | Kinkly Shop
LELO TOR 2 - Kinkly ShopLELO TOR 2 - Kinkly Shop
Perfect Fit Slim Wrap Cock Rings laying out one top of each other. This shows how stretchy and easy to loop the length of cock rings are. | Kinkly ShopThe three cock rings of the Perfect Fit Slim Wrap Cock Rings laying out. This top-down image shows their size comparitive to one another as they're laid out in basic, flat loops right next to one another. The loops are clearly three separate sizes. | Kinkly Shop
Mystim Hot Rod Toy WarmerMystim Hot Rod Toy Warmer
Side view of the Kinklab Hammerhead up against a white background. This view showcases the two different textures that the Kinklab Hammerhead has inside of it. One side has ribbing while the other side has protruding nubs. The material is see-through, and a penis could likely be viewed through the material during use. | Kinkly ShopThe Kinklab Hammerhead up against a white background. This angled view really showcases all of the protruding nubs that are found throughout the entire channel. | Kinkly Shop
XR SexFlesh Both Ways masturbator. Straight-on angle showcases the two different options with this stroker - an open anal hole as well as a sturdy, protruding dildo. | Kinkly ShopSide view of the XR SexFlesh Both Ways showcases the long, protruding length of the dildo. It also shows the realistic, hanging balls as well as the extra material around the dildo and penis stroker that make up the "thighs" of the limited sex doll. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator On a MissionThe Liberator On a Mission in front of a striped blue background. A Fleshlight is stuffed inside of the sex toy mount hole, protruding as a hands-free way to use the Fleshlight. | Kinkly Shop

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