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Liberator Sex Furniture

Looking for better positions, more pleasure, and more comfort during sex? Tired of the boring, flat surface of the bed? Want to bring more creativity into the bedroom with sex shapes especially designed for your bodies? You need Liberator Sex Furniture.

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Illustration of a sex position involving the Liberator Black Label Wedge / Ramp Combo. The Wedge is stacked on top of the Ramp at the tallest point on the Ramp. The receiving partner's wrists and ankles are bound to the Ramp while they lean over the entire stack. The penetrating partner is laying on top of the receiving partner for intercourse.

Better Comfort During Sex

Have you ever sat through sex that would have been multi-orgasmic - if only you could stop worrying about your shaking arms or how numb your knee felt? Liberator Sex Furniture can solve that! Find pieces that modify your "eh" sex positions to turn them into true favorites!

Illustration of a sex position involving the Liberator Wedge. The receiving partner is laying flat with their hips propped up by the Liberator Wedge. The penetrating partner is straddling the receiving partner's upper thighs to slide in from-behind.

Increase Pleasure

When you use the Liberator Sex Furniture, you'll find that bodies can match up in different ways - leading to more pleasure for both of you. A slight change of angle can be all you need to unlock g-spot or p-spot pleasure - or the added few inches of height might be all you needed to make your bed or couch the perfect height for sex.

Illustration of a sex position involving the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. The penetrating partner is laying flat while a Liberator Ramp is propping up their upper body while a Liberator Wedge props up their knees. The receiving partner is on their lap as they embrace.

Explore New Sensations

Liberator Sex Furniture allow you to explore new positions and new sensations. New angles, hands-free sex toy use, are just a few of the amazing benefits that Liberator Sex Furniture provide. In fact, the Liberator Axis can hold your favorite wand massager for you during intercourse!



41 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 41 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 41 products
The Liberator Fascinator Throw in Merlot. | Kinkly ShopA close-up shot shows water droplets on the Liberator Fascinator Throw. The droplets all still look like drops of water since the water-repelling waterproof layer doesn't allow them to easily soak into the blanket. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Fascinator Throw
Sale priceFrom $100
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Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount in Rose. A sex toy is sticking out of the sex toy mount hole to showcase how the BonBon holds your favorite sex toys, hands-free. | Kinkly ShopA person in lingerie straddles the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount
Sale price$120
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Liberator Black Label Wedge | Kinkly ShopIllustrated sex position shows the receiving partner laying on their stomach with their hips propped in the air. The receiving partner's ankles are bound in cuffs that are attached to the Liberator Black Label Wedge. The penetrating partner climbs on top of them from behind for sex. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Black Label Wedge
Sale price$169.99
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Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Bag in Black | Kinkly ShopA Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Bag sitting open on a plush bed. All of the items that were inside of the Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Bag are tossed next to the bag. The bag is unzipped. Multiple dildos are poking out the top. Multiple toys are scattered around its bottom. A bottle of lube is sitting next to the bag as well. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Bag
Sale price$69
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Liberator Tula holding a dildo and a wand massager at the same time | Kinkly ShopA person sits on the floor next to the Liberator Tula. The Liberator Tula is seen holding a wand massager between the person's legs. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Tula
Sale price$110
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Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo (Plus-Size) - Kinkly ShopIllustration shows the Liberator Wedge and Liberator Ramp in use. The penetrating partner is laying "flat" on the ground. The Ramp props up their back and the Liberator Wedge props up their thighs. The receiving partner is in Partner-on-Top position. The change of angle provides better g-spot positioning. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo (Plus-Size)
Sale price$320
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Liberator Jaz in Ibiza color Natural up against a white background. | Kinkly ShopLiberator Jaz in Teal | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Jaz
Sale price$110
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Liberator Zappa Toy Bag in Grape. This angle shows the black, nylon layer that's moisture resistant as well. | Kinkly ShopThe Liberator Zappa Toy Bag in Grape is unzipped, and toys are spilling out of the open zipper. This includes a bottle of lube, a Vibratex magic wand, silky restraints, and two insertable vibrators by LELO. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Zappa Toy Bag
Sale price$29.99
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Liberator Limited Edition Ramp Wedge Combo in Red | Kinkly ShopLiberator Limited Edition Ramp Wedge Combo in Starry Night | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Premium Wedge/Ramp Combo
Sale price$310
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Liberator Wedge (Plus-Size) - Kinkly ShopIllustrated sex position called "Little Lift". A long-haired receptive partner is laying on top of the Liberator Wedge and using the Wedge's support to elevate their hips. The penetrating partner is kneeling behind the receptive partner with their knees on either side of the laying partner's legs to penetrate. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Wedge (Plus-Size)
Sale price$118
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Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount - Kinkly ShopA person is lingerie is laying back with their knees spread wide. The Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount is between their knees with a wand massager held inside of it. The tip of the wand massager is pressed up against their underwear. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount
Sale price$170
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Liberator Heart Wedge in Ibiza color Ocean Blue up against a white background. | Kinkly ShopAll of the various colors of the Liberator Heart Wedge shown next to one another for easy color comparisons. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Heart Wedge
Sale price$109.99
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Liberator Wedge in Ibiza color Golden up against a white background. | Kinkly ShopLiberator Wedge - Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Wedge
Sale price$110
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Liberator Love is Art Romantic Canvas and Paint Kit in Cosmos | Kinkly ShopLiberator Love is Art Romantic Canvas and Paint Kit in Gold | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Love is Art Romantic Canvas and Paint Kit
Sale price$89.99
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Liberator Talea Spreader Bar | Kinkly ShopA person in lingerie in front of a striped background. The Liberator Talea Spreader Bar rests on their ankles while they're in a kneeling position. Their butt is to the camera. Both of their wrists and ankles are wrapped in cuffs, and both sets of cuffs are connected to the end of the Talea on both sides. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Talea Spreader Bar
Sale priceFrom $125
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Liberator Wing in Espresso. A long vibrator sticks out of the side of the sex toy mount pouch - which makes it obvious how easy it would be to ride the toy hands-free with help of the Wing. | Kinkly ShopLiberator Wing in Merlot. A sex toy is inserted into the sex toy mount's hole on the side of the shape. Only the base of the vibrator is visible as the vibrator vibrates the entirety of the Wing's size. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Wing
Sale price$139.99
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Liberator Humphrey in black | Kinkly ShopLiberator Humphrey in grey slid into a yellow pillowcase to show its ability to be discreet sex furniture | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Humphrey
Sale price$164.99
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Liberator Equus Wave | Kinkly ShopLiberator Equus Wave | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Equus Wave
Sale price$489.99
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Liberator Obéir Spanking Bench | Kinkly ShopIllustrated image shows the Liberator Obeir in use. A person is kneeling on top of the Obeir and bent over it. Their wrists are bound to the Obeir. Their partner stands behind them, swinging a flogger at the bound person's exposed butt. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Obéir Spanking Bench
Sale price$235
Liberator D-Ring Connector ClipsA person in their underwear is laying out on top of a large piece of Liberator sex furniture. Their wrists and ankles are bound by a ribbon. The sex furniture uses clips as bondage points, but those clips have been outfitted with the Liberator D-Ring Connector Clips to allow the silky sashes of the restraints to fasten to the sex furniture. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator D-Ring Connector Clips
Sale price$19.99
Liberator Flip Ramp in Merlot. Image shows the Flip Ramp fully folded out as well as the Ramp stacked up as a square. | Kinkly ShopThe Liberator Flip Ramp is folded out and laying on top of a bed. The giver is laying down with their hips on the tall end of the shape and their head towards the shorter end of the shape - which is also hanging off towards the edge of the bed. The oral sex receiver is standing over the giver's head like they are about to receive oral sex. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Flip Ramp
Sale price$230
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Liberator Lune Snuggle Sex Toy Mount in Sage against a white background. | Kinkly ShopTwo people in their underwear are spooning on a bed. The "Little Spoon" is using the Liberator Lune Snuggle Sex Toy Mount to snuggle into. The "Big Spoon" has their hand underneath the soft surface of the Lune to aid in spooning comfort. They have a lot of skin-on-skin contact. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Lune Snuggle Sex Toy Mount
Sale price$99.99
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Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo - Kinkly ShopIllustration shows the Liberator Wedge and Liberator Ramp in use. The penetrating partner is laying "flat" on the ground. The Ramp props up their back and the Liberator Wedge props up their thighs. The receiving partner is in Partner-on-Top position. The change of angle provides better g-spot positioning. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo
Sale price$289
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Liberator Silky Tie-Ups in Red curled into a ball for easy storage | Kinkly ShopThe Liberator Silky Tie-Ups in red wrapped around a person's wrists that are held behind their back. The restraints look super soft and satin-like, and they have a soft, drapey look to them. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Silky Tie-Ups
Sale price$45
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I'm a bigger person. Will Liberator furniture work for me?

Heck yes! Liberator sex furniture is made with some super-sturdy, supple foam - with no weight limit! The foam may compress a bit more with higher weights, but it will still work fantastically! Our staff has combined over 650 pounds on a single shape - and it still held up great! Need a bit more space width-wise? Our Liberator Wedge Plus, Liberator Ramp Plus, and Liberator Wedge Ramp Plus offer more physical width for your comfort while laying down.

Illustrated sex position. The receiver is laying semi-inverted with their hips at the tallest point of the Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise and their head at the lowest point of the shape. Their wrist is bound to the base of the Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise. The penetrating partner is standing at the end of the Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise to slide inside. | Kinkly Shop
Illustrated image showing the Liberator Axis in use. Both people are standing. The penetrating partner stands behind the receiving partner. The receiving partner stands in front with their clitoris resting against a wand vibrator that's being held, hands-free, by the Liberator Axis. | Kinkly Shop

How do I care for my Liberator sex toy?

Liberator sex furniture is designed to be as easy as possible to take care of! In most cases, it's as simple as unzipping the outer liner and handwashing or machine washing it! Each specific Liberator sex toy product includes Care instructions on the product page, so you know what you're getting into. We promise, though: it's always easy!

What are some sex positions for my Liberator sex chair?

We always recommend creativity with your Liberator sex furniture. After all, that's what it was designed for! We can understand wanting some inspiration, though. You don't need to look any further than the product page here on Kinkly Shop. Product images will provide great inspiration for new ways to use your Liberator sex toy!

Illustration of a couple using the Liberator Tula. One person is sitting on the ground next to the Tula, and a wand massager is being held in place by the Liberator Tula between the thighs to pleasure them. The other partner is straddling the top of the Liberator Tula where a dildo can be seen. They are touching one another while enjoying the toys that the Liberator Tula is holding for them. | Kinkly Shop

What Sets Liberator Sex Furniture Apart?

Think of Liberator sex furniture like the high-quality furniture in your home - only it's specifically designed for the needs of sex. So while your couch is probably been "sex furniture" for you in the past, it certainly wasn't designed to give you better angles for sex, feel amazing against naked skin, or clean up easily after sex. (In fact, you very well could stain your couch by having sex on it!)

Designed specifically to seamlessly improve your sex life, Liberator sex furniture:

  • Stands Firm: Designed to withstand body weight and keep your body at the angle you desire, Liberator sex furniture is made from high-density, supportive foam. This foam doesn't compress like pillows do; it resists compression and keeps your body exactly where you want it. (And for those with thicker bodies, the Plus Wedge and Plus Ramp offers extra surface area to provide additional support!)
  • Soft for Skin: Liberator sex furniture is made from soft fabric that feels amazing on skin. With seams on the edges of the shapes, you can slide against your Liberator sex furniture without fear of snagging on anything sharp or scratchy.
  • Stacks On One Another: Make your own sex playground with the non-slip design of Liberator sex furniture. Most shapes are designed to stack on top of one another - and don't slip when weight or pressure is applied to them!
  • Washes in the Washer: Nobody likes doing laundry - and they like doing it even less when they're fresh from amazing orgasms. The outermost layer of most Liberator sex furniture unzips - and can be tossed into the washing machine for super simple cleaning.
  • Moisture-Resistant Internal Liner: Let's be real: sex can be messy sometimes, and we like it that way. The moisture-resistant  internal liner protects the high-density foam from messes - unlike the couch cushion that can get ruined by an enthusiastic sex session. Just unzip that outer layer for washing, wipe down the moisture resistant liner, and your sex shape will be as good as new!
  • Variable Shapes: While the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is still the best-selling Liberator piece, you aren't limited to that. What position do you want to improve? Need curves? Sharp angles? Boxes? The wide selection of Liberator sex furniture means there's likely a sex shape to fit into your exact needs.
  • Toy Mounts: Turned on by the idea of using your favorite sex toys - hands-free? Liberator offers sex toy mounts - virtually unheard of from other companies. These mounts include all of the same properties of their other sex shapes - but they offer snug channels to tuck sex toys into to leave the usable ends free for your use.

Like we said: Liberator sex furniture really is designed for sex - and making your sex amazing!

What Are Great Liberator Furniture Sex Positions?

There are a whole lot of amazing sex positions that Liberator furniture opens up. In fact, that's part of why we love Liberator sex furniture so much: it makes new angles, previously impossible, something you can easily pop into whenever you feel like it!

Want a little taster of some of the cool Liberator furniture sex positions out there? Let's take a short tour through some of our favorites:

For an easy-to-accomplish swap on your favorite sex positions, the Little Lift position puts a Liberator Wedge to good use. The elevated, angled position of the hips can make it easy to hit innermost pleasure zones while resting on top of the Wedge can make everything much more comfortable.

The Liberator Axis makes hands-free pleasure for the receiver a breeze in this standing sex position. Simply place the Axis (and a wand massager!) at the right height for additional pleasure during intercourse.

The Hole Lot of Love position makes for hands-free enjoyment of your favorite vibrator, wand massager, or dildo - whether solo or with a partner - with the help of the Liberator Tula. Liberator sex positions aren't just for coupled sex!

If double penetration has always been on your bucket list, the Liberator BonBon makes it easy to explore. The BonBon can hold a dildo, hands-free, during intercourse to expand your options. It also can be used to hold a vibrator, instead, for clitoral or penile stimulation without needing to lift a finger!

Remember, when you're shopping here on Kinkly Shop, we provide illustrated sex positions for all of the different Liberator furniture we carry. Just look through the furniture's product page pictures for a bunch of inspiration for your new Liberator piece!

What Does Sex on Liberator Furniture Feel Like?

Sex on Liberator furniture feels like the sex you already enjoy - only more comfortable and supported with new angles unlocked.

Okay, okay: we get it. That's vague. But, in all reality, it really depends on what piece of Liberator sex furniture you pick out - and how you choose to use it.

For example, if you're diving into the Hole Lot of Lovesex position, you'll find the elevated surface reduces thigh strain while enjoying your favorite sex toy - and the supportive cushion underneath the thighs reduces how hard your thighs have to work too. It feels a bit like sitting on a dildo-equipped seat

If you're going to be more adventurous and try the Over-the-Wedge Position, you'll find a magical combination of triangles and shapes that are impossible to replicate without the help of your Liberator sex furniture. Despite two people's bodyweight pressing down on the two Liberator sex shapes, they'll still hold their shape, and the uppermost Wedge will stay in place despite all of the downward pressure. The soft material of the furniture will feel fantastic against the skin too - even softer than many blankets

That's to say, expect your Liberator sex furniture to feel:

  • Supportive: Each Liberator sex furniture piece is made from high-density, super-supportive foam. Pillows really can't compare. Think of the most supportive couch you've ever sat on. You know the one: with the slight give as you sit down but simultaneously ensures you never sink into the material. Liberator sex furniture is like that - but despite specifically for your sexual needs.
  • Soft: These shapes are made for sex - and as such, the fabric feels soft and sensual against the skin. Despite feeling so delicious - even when you're naked - it isn't slippery which means you'll stay better positioned when having sex on Liberator sex furniture.
  • Cushioned: With such a supportive surface, you'd think that Liberator shapes might be rigid - like a plastic. But they're not! Since they're made with high-density foam, they still allow the slightest bit of squish - which means that pressing your bodyweight onto your knees or elbows on top of your shape will feel comfortable and stable instead of painful.
  • Stationary: Most Liberator sex furniture is designed to be non-slip when placed against other Liberator pieces - and it accomplishes that amazingly! That means that your sex furniture shapes stay in the place you put them - which allows you to make your own sexual playground to crawl around!
  • Worry-Free: Unlike a couch (or the sheets!), you don't need to worry about making a mess on your Liberator sex furniture. With zip-off, machine-washable covers for most shapes, they're easier to clean than the bedding.

Can Liberator Sex Furniture Help if I'm Disabled?

Yes! Liberator sex furniture can help any person - solo or coupled - but it can be especially helpful if your sex life would be improved by a bit of extra support.

For example, if pressure on the knees is uncomfortable, you might try doggy style with the addition of the Liberator Flip-Ramp underneath the abdomen to support body weight. Bending the upper body over the supportive surface of the Liberator Ramp can also alleviate strain on the knees - and make it comfortable to stay in your position for longer.

If you find it difficult to hold your body into the angles you want for penetration, using Liberator sex furniture can help. Laying with the hips elevated on the Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise can make it easier to keep the legs in the air - especially with the addition of a sex sling. A Liberator Talea can also be helpful for positions like Carnal Clutch. By simply attaching the ankles to the padded spreader bar, the penetrating partner can help support some of the receiving partner's body weight for a more comfortable experience.

If grip strength is a concern, you might find some of the sex toy mounts to be an amazing addition to the bedroom. A Liberator Bon Bon can hold a vibrator or dildo in place for hands-free use. The Liberator Tula holds wand massagers - or insertable toys - in place to enjoy sex toys without needing to hold onto them. The same can be said for the Liberator Top Dog or Liberator On a Mission which hold penis strokers in place to take grip strength out of the equation.

If you're a penetrating partner with paralysis of the body, Liberator sex furniture can open up new opportunities. A Liberator Wedge slipped under the knees can change the penetration angle during partner-on-top positions. A Liberator Ramp can help prop up the upper body to make it easier to share those intimate, face-to-face moments. A Liberator Hipster can provide the slight elevation needed to put the head in position for facesitting positions as well.

Even if intercourse isn't on the table for you (for whatever reason!), Liberator sex furniture can help make other activities more enjoyable too. Use the Liberator Jaz to elevate a receiving partner's hips when using sex toys on them. Add a Liberator Heart Wedge underneath the receiver's hips while giving oral sex to reduce the neck strain for the giver. Let a partner lounge out on the Equus Wave for a full body massage.

Liberator sex furniture simply makes it easier to achieve new and different angles - and the supportive, high-density foam of the shapes reduces the strain of holding positions. With no weight limit and shapes to help provide all different types of angles, Liberator sex furniture can be a fantastic addition to the bedroom for most people.

How to Clean Liberator Sex Furniture?

Every piece of Liberator sex furniture is slightly different - so how to clean Liberator sex furniture will vary based upon which, exact, shape you happen to own.

Luckily for all of us (us too! We always love a reference!), cleaning instructions are included with any Liberator sex shape that you purchase.

In general however, most Liberator sex furniture pieces can be cleaned in a few simple, easy steps:

  1. Enjoy the Liberator sex shape to its fullest potential. Have a fantastic time exploring new, orgasmic, comfortable positions! When you're done...
  2. Unzip the outermost cover. Simply use the built-in zipper design to unzip the soft, skin-friendly cover.
  3. Toss that cover in the washing machine on cold. As it has a zipper, we don't recommend washing it with your delicates, but it can be tossed in with anything that's safe to wash with zippered clothing.
  4. Wipe down the moisture-resistant inner layer, if necessary. (optional) If sex was particularly messy this time around, a slightly damp washcloth can be used to wipe down the internal cover. No need to remove it! Spot clean lightly with a bit of soap as needed.
  5. Lay flat to dry. When the washing machine is done, simply take out the cover and let it lay flat to dry. For most shapes, it'll be dry within 24 hours.
  6. Rezip the shape. When the outer layer is dry, simply rezip the cover onto the shape.

Now it looks as shiny as new - and is ready for another round!

(Fun secret! Liberator sex furniture covers actually get softer the more you wash them! Not only will your sex furniture shape feel as good as new after you wash the cover, but it'll likely feel a even softer on the skin too!)

Is Liberator Sex Furniture Worth the Price?

We get it: there can be some serious sticker shock when looking at some of the Liberator sex furniture pieces. After all, anything with the word "furniture" in the category is going to be more expensive than your average dildo.

That being said, there are ways to explore Liberator sex furniture that can be friendly to a budget.

For one, consider trying some of the smaller shapes. With less material required, the smaller Liberator shapes are lower in price. Consider the Liberator Jaz, Liberator Tula, or Liberator Wedge.

Here at Kinkly Shop, we also offer Sezzle sex toys as a payment method. This splits up your Liberator purchase into four separate payments - which may make it fit better into your lifestyle.

With proper care of your Liberator sex furniture, you can expect your new piece to last years (even decades!) of regular use. Think of it as an investment into your sex life - and sexual satisfaction. 

Do You Have a Liberator Sex Furniture Coupon?

We applaud you for making it all the way through our entire FAQ. We think you're going to be a sex furniture master after all of that knowledge. You might even put us to shame!

As a reward for your knowledge-seeking self, the Liberator sex furniture coupon code "LIBERATOR5" will save you 5% at checkout off any regularly-priced sex shape.

And don't forget to sign up to our mailing list to catch any of our future Liberator Sex Furniture coupons too!