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Liberator Sex Furniture

Looking for better positions, more pleasure, and more comfort during sex? Tired of the boring, flat surface of the bed? Want to bring more creativity into the bedroom with sex shapes especially designed for your bodies? You need Liberator Sex Furniture.

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Illustration of a sex position involving the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. The penetrating partner is laying flat while a Liberator Ramp is propping up their upper body while a Liberator Wedge props up their knees. The receiving partner is on their lap as they embrace.
Illustration of a sex position involving the Liberator Black Label Wedge / Ramp Combo. The Wedge is stacked on top of the Ramp at the tallest point on the Ramp. The receiving partner's wrists and ankles are bound to the Ramp while they lean over the entire stack. The penetrating partner is laying on top of the receiving partner for intercourse.
Illustration of a sex position involving the Liberator Wedge. The receiving partner is laying flat with their hips propped up by the Liberator Wedge. The penetrating partner is straddling the receiving partner's upper thighs to slide in from-behind.

Increase Pleasure

When you use the Liberator Sex Furniture, you'll find that bodies can match up in different ways - leading to more pleasure for both of you. A slight change of angle can be all you need to unlock g-spot or p-spot pleasure - or the added few inches of height might be all you needed to make your bed or couch the perfect height for sex.

Explore New Sensations

Liberator Sex Furniture allow you to explore new positions and new sensations. New angles, hands-free sex toy use, are just a few of the amazing benefits that Liberator Sex Furniture provide. In fact, the Liberator Axis can hold your favorite wand massager for you during intercourse!

Better Comfort During Sex

Have you ever sat through sex that would have been multi-orgasmic - if only you could stop worrying about your shaking arms or how numb your knee felt? Liberator Sex Furniture can solve that! Find pieces that modify your "eh" sex positions to turn them into true favorites!

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Liberator Flip Ramp in Merlot. Image shows the Flip Ramp fully folded out as well as the Ramp stacked up as a square. | Kinkly ShopLiberator Flip Ramp in Aubergine. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator BondiA person uses the Liberator Bondi. They are on all fours. Their wrists, ankles, and thighs are bound to the Bondi. | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Liberator Bondi
Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog | Kinkly ShopLiberator Fleshlight Top Dog | Kinkly Shop
Liberator Ramp (Plus-Size) - Kinkly ShopLiberator Ramp (Plus-Size) - Kinkly Shop

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A person in lingerie is leaning over the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo set. Their red lingerie matches the red faux lambskin side panels of the set.
Liberator Limited Edition Ramp Wedge Combo in Starry Night | Kinkly Shop

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Upgrade your Liberator experience with this Limited Edition Wedge/Ramp Combo! Everything you know and love - but with a visual upgrade! - the Limited Edition Wedge/Ramp Combo opens up hundreds of new, adventurous sex positions. Perfect for changing angles during intercourse, these two stackable shapes add variety, pleasure, and comfort to sex - and who doesn't want that?!

These two faux leather, lambskin shapes feel luxurious against bare skin. Machine-washable, with every single wash, these shapes get softer and softer. The unique material provides a non-slip surface against other Liberator shapes. Stack and position your Wedge and Ramp on top of each other to make the perfect shape for that position you were never able to do before!

The lightweight, high-density, internal foam offers a supportive surface with the slightest bit of plush. The foam supports you and your partner's weight while its light plushiness ensures it cradles your weight - and will never poke into your body. You'll never pick up a pillow for your sex positioning needs again!

Designed for easy care and durability, these two sex shapes are crafted to last you for years with proper care. The innermost layer features a moisture-resistant fabric that protects the high-density, inner foam from harm. Wrapped around that innermost layer is the super-soft, skin-friendly material that you'll be laying against. When you're done, just unzip the faux leather cover, toss it into the washing machine, and it'll come out good as new!

Experience more pleasure, more comfort, and new positions with the Liberator Limited Edition Wedge/Ramp Combo.

Equipped features: Supportive foam, Machine-washable clean-up, Soft microfiber zip-up cover, Moisture-resistant liner, Non-slip shapes.

Materials: Fully supportive polyurethane foam with a machine-washable microfiber and nylon covers

Care: The outermost cover for these Liberator products are machine-washable. We recommend a cold wash and then air-drying. (If that's not possible, please use a low-heat tumble dry setting!) The moisture-resistant liners should remain on the foam as much as possible. If you get any fluids on the liners, just wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Do not bleach/iron any part of this product.

Liberator Wedge
Width: 24"
Height: 7"

Liberator Ramp
Length: 34"
Width: 24"
Height: 12"Text

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I'm a bigger person. Will Liberator furniture work for me?

Heck yes! Liberator sex furniture is made with some super-sturdy, supple foam - with no weight limit! The foam may compress a bit more with higher weights, but it will still work fantastically! Our staff has combined over 650 pounds on a single shape - and it still held up great! Need a bit more space width-wise? Our Liberator Wedge Plus, Liberator Ramp Plus, and Liberator Wedge Ramp Plus offer more physical width for your comfort while laying down.

How do I care for my Liberator sex toy?

Liberator sex furniture is designed to be as easy as possible to take care of! In most cases, it's as simple as unzipping the outer liner and handwashing or machine washing it! Each specific Liberator sex toy product includes Care instructions on the product page, so you know what you're getting into. We promise, though: it's always easy!

What are some sex positions for my Liberator sex chair?

We always recommend creativity with your Liberator sex furniture. After all, that's what it was designed for! We can understand wanting some inspiration, though. You don't need to look any further than the product page here on Kinkly Shop. Product images will provide great inspiration for new ways to use your Liberator sex toy!