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What is a g spot vibrator? Not just a vibrator, a g spot vibrator is a toy that provides vibrations in a design that's especially crafted to perfect snuggle up against your g spot. The vibrations of most g spot toys is centered in the tip of the vibrator (to hit that g spot!), and in many cases, g spot vibrators might be made from a more-rigid material to help provide constant g spot pressure to that lovely internal spot. Since the g spot can be hard to touch with your own fingers, g spot vibrators provide that lovely helping hand to help you get in touch with this innermost pleasure spot.

Don't know where your g spot is? We recommend choosing a g spot vibrator with a deeper curve like the LELO Gigi 2. (Don't need the vibrations? The LELO Ella shares the same customer-favorite design but without the vibrations.) Another alternative is a stroking g spot vibrator like the LELO Mona Wave or Lora DiCarlo Onda. This vibrator offers a "come hither" movement over and over - making it easy to move the g spot vibrator around and allow the toy to do all of the "heavy lifting" for you.

Of course, finding the g spot isn't necessarily easy for everyone - even once a clit and g spot vibrator is involved. While a g spot vibrator makes the self-exploration journey a lot easier, it doesn't necessarily guarantee you're going to see flying colors the first time you turn it on. And that's okay! Finding the g spot with a g spot vibrator is a matter of self-exploration and self-learning, and how often do you get a "quest" where the very-real bonus is lots of arousal and orgasms? Not very often! Still, keep mixing it up with new g spot techniques to help discover this intense bundle of nerves - and allow your g spot vibrator to be the best helping-hand possible! (Looking for a male g spot vibrator? Check out our anal vibrators selection for anal-safe options!)

Start of the journey of finding the g spot with our selection of g spot vibrators. Our curated selection ensures you have a high-quality g spot vibrator - no matter which one you choose! In particular, keep an eye out for some of our coolest g spot vibrators including an app controlled g spot vibrator, a public play vibrator, a g spot rabbit vibrator, a realistic g spot vibrator, a pink g spot vibrator, an automatic g spot vibrator, a heated g spot vibrator, a beginner g-spot vibrator, a VR g spot vibrator, an electrosex g spot vibrator, a g spot vibrator with lights, a clit and g spot vibrator, a silicone g spot vibrator, and many others! Our wide selection means you can find the best g spot vibrator for you with ease.

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