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Curious about dildos? You might even be asking, "What IS a dildo?" If that's the case, welcome to the dildo category on Kinkly Shop! Dildos are sex toys designed for safe (and pleasurable!) penetration!
Available in a wide variety of sizes and designs to work for everyone's own personal preferences, dildos make it easier to feel fullness - and hit depths - that would be difficult to hit with your own fingers. Plus, dildos are a must-have if you have long, exquisite fingernails; fingernails don't tend to make great partners for penetration!

The first thing to consider when buying dildos is the size. Choosing a dildo that's too small may not give you the sensations you're looking for - and a dildo that's too large might be impossible to use. Get out a tape measure and compare your potential dildo's measurements to a physical measurement on the tape measure. If you're unsure what size to start with, consider measuring the circumference of the fingers you usually use. If you're brand new to penetration, looking for something with a diameter of around 1". Anything with a tapered tip can be a fantastic bonus for easy, comfortable insertion.

After determining the right size for your needs, consider the appearance of your dildo. Everyone has their own preferences; you might be looking for something playful and colorful - or you might be looking for something realistic. Maybe you'd love a lot of texture, or a smooth, untextured toy is a better fit for you. Whatever it is, finding a dildo that appeals to you visually can be a great way to ensure you look forward to using it sometimes.

While most dildos don't vibrate, a few vibrating dildos do exist. The Blush Impressions Ibiza and Las Vegas add vibrations to your insertable toy experience. Don't fret if your favorite dildo isn't equipped with vibrations, though! You can always hold a vibrator up against the base of a dildo while using it to instantly turn it into a vibrating toy. Cock rings can also be used at the base of dildos to add easy, hands-free vibrations.

When you're buying dildos, there's still more to look at than just the simple size and look. Dildos can come with some fantastic features. Some shoppers fall in love with a suction cup. Just like the suction cups you've used for window charms, a suction cup at the base of the dildo helps adhere it, hands-free, to smooth, untextured surfaces. For people who regularly play in the bathroom or kitchen, this can be a great way to milk more value out of their toy.

If the idea of hands-free dildos appeals to you - but you don't have the slick surface to stick the dildo to, don't forget about the magic of the Liberator BonBon or Liberator Tula. Both sex toy mounts can hold most dildos or vibrators - hands-free - for fun play opportunities.

Don't forget: we're always here to help you find the best dildo for you. Feel free to reach out via Live Chat - or email - for personalized help from our sex experts for a seamless, easy shopping experience!

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Odile Discovery sitting in front of a plain white background | Kinkly Shop An unexpanded and fully expanded Odile Absolute sit next to each other to show the difference in diameter. The text on the image reads "from large in ONE toy!" | Kinkly Shop
Odile Anal Dilator - 2nd Generation
6 reviews
Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On in size Medium in color purple. The dildo is shown against a white background with the 6-button remote resting near the toy. The power button on the vibrator is backlit and illuminated, showcasing the vibrator as turned on. | Kinkly Shop GIF shows the placement of the the three individual motors inside the Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On | Kinkly Shop
Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On
7 reviews
Save $9.96
Spareparts Joque - Kinkly Shop Spareparts Joque
Spareparts Joque
3 reviews
$139.95 $129.99
The Balldo in Purple is shown being used on the testicles of a clear dildo. The image shows how the Balldo works - which is by wrapping around the testicles while simultaneously leaving space for the testicles to receive pleasure during penetration. | Kinkly Shop The Balldo in Steel Grey next to its two spacer rings. Drops of water are on the surface of the toy. | Kinkly Shop
3 reviews
BumpHer - Kinkly Shop BumpHer - Kinkly Shop
Banana Pants Life
1 review
All three sizes of the Fun Factory Limba Flex layered on top of one another, including additional phantom images showing how each one of those dildos curves and can be bent. | Kinkly Shop The Fun Factory Limba Flex in Large with multiple iterations of the image superimposed over the single, opaque version. This showcases how the Fun Factory Limba Flex dildo can easily be bent into different shapes for your pleasure. | Kinkly Shop
Fun Factory
Fun Factory Limba Flex
OhNut Penetration Buffer Penis Limiter in Light Green and Standard | Kinkly Shop The OhNut Penetration Buffer rings wrapped around a glass cylinder. This shows how the rings can work on a penis - without showing a penis. | Kinkly Shop
OhNut Penetration Buffer
2 reviews
Save $24.81
Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit - Kinkly Shop Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit - Kinkly Shop
Clone-A-Willy Vibrator Kit
2 reviews
$74.80 $52.99
Strap-on-Me Vibrating Licking Strapless Strap-on in Fuchsia | Kinkly Shop An image that explains various aspects of the Strap-on-Me Vibrating Licking Strapless Strap-on. One illustration shows how the angle of the toy can easily be bent with the text "Joint shape memory" and "Bendable technology for different positions". The other image shows the remote and the placements of the three internal motors. The text reads "G-spot vibrating stimulation, Clitoral licking stimulation, g-spot vibrating stimulation" and "3 Motors Independently controllable". | Kinkly Shop
Strap-on-Me Vibrating Licking Strapless Strap-on
1 review
Two hands grip the Strap-on-Me Sliding Skin Realistic Dildo against a white background. They are pushing around the sliding skin external layer, and it obviously moves around from the give in the material in the image. | Kinkly Shop A hand firmly grips the shaft of the Strap-on-Me Sliding Skin Realistic Dildo and pulls upwards. The material of the dildo scrunches up like sliding skin. | Kinkly Shop
Strap-on-Me Sliding Skin Realistic
Save $8.06
Squeeze-It Wavy Dildo | Kinkly Shop Squeeze-It Wavy Dildo | Kinkly Shop
XR Brands
Squeeze-It Wavy
1 review
$50.05 $41.99
Strap-On-Me Silicone Cum Dildo Base Image | Kinkly Shop A black and white photo of the Strap-On-Me Silicone Cum Dildo. Cum lube is dripping all down the surface of the dildo as a person holds it in their flat, extended palm. | Kinkly Shop
Strap-On-Me Silicone Cum Dildo
The njoy Pure Wand laying on a flat white surface. The larger end of the dildo is closest to the camera showing off the pronounced design of the bulb at the end. The dildo looks extremely shiny. | Kinkly Shop The Njoy Pure Wand in its packaging. The black box is well-above what most sex toys come with. It's a sturdy black box with ribbons tied on the edges of the lid to keep the lid upright. There's a second box inside the sturdy black exterior box. This inner box has a foam, cut-out liner that exactly fits the dildo and is covered with a bright pink satin. It's clear this packaging was designed for storage of the toy well past the initial receipt. | Kinkly Shop
Njoy Pure Wand
2 reviews
Save $2.76
8" Glass Ribbed G-Spot - Kinkly Shop A hand holds the 8" Glass Ribbed G-Spot dildo with the palm laying flat and the dildo presented on top. The dildo is slightly thicker than a finger, but it is much longer than the open palm. | Kinkly Shop
8" Glass Ribbed G-Spot
3 reviews
$38.75 $35.99
Save $40.51
Sportsheets Anal Explorer Kit - Kinkly Shop GIF shows a person removing the Skyn dildo from the harness while it's being worn to easily switch it out with the Please dildo. Sportsheets Anal Explorer Kit | Kinkly Shop
Sportsheets Anal Explorer Kit
1 review
$120.50 $79.99
Save $57.49
Evolved Big Shot Vibrating Squirting Dildo - Kinkly Shop A top-down view of the Evolved Big Shot Vibrating Squirting Dildo in Espresso where it looks like the toy is sitting at a spa. This angle showcases the thick shaft of the dildo as well as the very pronounced, circumsized head. Two buttons are visible at the base of the shaft to control the functionality. The concave suction cup base can also be viewed at the base, including the ejaculation chamber that can be accessed via the base of the toy. | Kinkly Shop
Evolved Big Shot Vibrating Squirting Dildo
1 review
$177.48 $119.99

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