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Odile Anal Dilator - 2nd Generation

Odile Anal Dilator - 2nd Generation

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Size: Discovery: 1" - 1.35"
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Have you ever wished that you could change the size of your sex toy on-command? Well, it's not just a pipedream. The Odile makes it a reality.

Especially designed for anal use, the Odile offers a controllable shaft girth. Essentially, all you have to do is turn the key at the base of the Odile - and the Odile's thickness will get slightly smaller or slightly larger. With the Odile, it's impossible to buy the "wrong" thickness for yourself; a twist of the key at the base can make the Odile the perfect thickness for YOUR body.

This puts everything about your sex toy experience into the (literal) palm of your hands. Big or small; you get to choose!

Odile Absolute or Odile Discovery: Which One is Right for You?

Crafted in two separate sizes to ensure you can get the anal dilation that's right for you, the Odile is available in the Odile Absolute and the Odile Discovery.

If you're brand new to anal pleasure, we highly recommend the Odile Discovery. Especially designed for people brand new to anal pleasure, the Discovery offers a tapered tip in addition to the expanding base of the shaft. Essentially, the tapered tip starts at a diameter of 0.5" to allow for easy comfortable insertion - even if you're brand new! (0.5" is about the size of a single finger for most people!)

As you continue to insert the Odile Discovery, the tapered tip gradually grows larger until the Discovery is fully inserted. Once fully inserted, the shaft itself is 1" in diameter. Now, you can continue to enjoy that 1" diameter - or twist the Odile's key to gradually increase the diameter from 1" to 1.35" - millimeter by millimeter with each key twist.

If you already have a bit of anal experience under your belt, the Odile Absolute is likely the Odile for you! The entirety of the Absolute's shaft starts at a minimum of 1" - and allows you to enjoy the full 3.6" shaft length for more play space and thrusting during use. When you're ready, turn the key at the base of the Odile to increase the shaft to a maximum 1.5" diameter, millimeter by millimeter.

Of course, the world is your oyster, so choose the Odile that feels like the right fit for you!

Why is Customizable Dilation Better?

Illustrated image shows the Odile in three stages of thickness - at 1", at 1.25", and at 1.5". Twirling arrows at the Odile's key show how the anal dilator thickens and shrinks. Text reads "100% In Control" - referencing how Odile's diameter can be increased and decreased on demand.

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If you're using a regular anal dilation kit, your kit likely includes toys in very specific diameters. A common split of anal toy diameters in a three-toy kit would include a toy with a 1" diameter, one with a 1.25" diameter, and one with a 1.5" diameter. In order to increase your anal stretch, this means you need to make a jump of about 25% in order to increase your anal stretching progress.

The Odile eliminates that jump entirely. Since the Odile can be adjusted in tiny increments between all of those sizes, you can easily (and gradually) increase and decrease the diameter as your body needs it. This can help eliminate accidental anal tearing from stretching too quickly, and it also reduces the number of toys you need to keep on hand. (And it reduces how many toys you need to clean, too!)

Illustrated image shows the Odile Discovery in three stages of thickness - at 1", at an unnamed width, and at 1.35". Twirling arrows at the Odile's key show how the anal dilator thickens and shrinks. Text reads "100% In Control" - referencing how Odile's diameter can be increased and decreased on demand.

How to Use the Odile?

Illustration shows a tube of lubricant being squirted onto the shaft of the Odile.

1. Clean the Odile - even when you first receive it! While your Odile is unique to you (and no one else has ever owned it!), the packaging and shipping process means you should always clean your sex toys when you first receive them - and on subsequent uses, too!

2. Inspect your Odile. While the Odile is made from high-quality materials, you should always give it a glance over before you use it - just like any other toys. If you find anything to give you pause (like a tear in the silicone), do not use your dilator.

3. Ensure the girth is at its minimum size. Turn the "key" at the base all the way counterclockwise to get the dilator to its minimum diameter - which makes a great starting size for beginning the process of dilation.

4. Add water-based lubricant to the shaft. Try your best to keep the lubricant to the shaft itself - and avoid getting it on the base or the key (which can make the Odile difficult to grip). Add as much lubricant to the shaft as possible. It's hard to use too much lube. You can also add a bit of lube to the hole where you're using the Odile as well.

5. Clean your hands of any excess lube to make it easier to grip the Odile going forward.

6. Get into a comfortable position where you can easily access your anus. This will be different for every person, but you should be able to comfortably reach to your butt without cramping.

7. Gently slip the tip of the Odile into the orifice you're stretching. As the Odile offers a tapered tip, you should be patient while inserting the tapered tip.

8. Once the Odile is fully inserted, you can choose to stay at your current diameter - or gently turn the "key" at the base to gently expand the Odile. The Odile is designed to expand while already inserted, so don't worry about that!

9. If you're choosing to stay at this diameter, the Odile dialator can be left stationary, can be jiggled for pleasure, or can be outright thrusted as well. Make sure to keep a firm grasp of the base, and avoid overinserting the Odile. You should never apply pressure to the base of the Odile while the toy is fully inserted.

What Sex Positions Work with the Odile?

Illustrated image of various positions that someone can use the Odile in. A section labeled "Solo" shows a person inserting the Odile while laying on their side, while on their knees with their butt up, and while on their back with their legs up. A section labeled "With a partner" shows the Odile being inserted while the receiver lays on their back with their legs up and while the receiver kneels on their knees with their butt out.

While we highly recommend checking out the product images for some inspirational (and beautiful!) examples, there are lots of different ways you can use the Odile. Above are some additional, and simple, ways that the manufacturer recommends using your Odile.

While playing solo, you might find it easiest to lay down on your side in a pseudo-fetal position. We recommend laying down on your non-dominant side - which will allow you to control the Odile with your dominant hand. If playing solo, you might also want to get on all fours with your butt in the air. This can allow you to reach between your legs - or along your side - to reach the Odile. For solo use, you can also lay down on your back with your legs spread - and reach between your legs to use the Odile on yourself. If you find it most comfortable to have your legs in the air during that final position, we recommend a sex positioning aid like the Sportsheets Sex Sling to make that as sustainable as possible.

If playing with a partner, you have just as many amazing options! All of those solo positions can work great with a partner as well. For the easiest access, we recommend laying the receiving partner on their back with their legs spread - and allowing the penetrating partner to slide the Odile into the butt. (Some sex position furniture - like the Liberator Wedge - can help elevate the butt and make it easier to see what's going on!) Alternatively, the receiving partner can get on their knees and put their butt in the air which makes it much easier to see for the penetrating partner, but it can get tiring on the receiver's knees.

What's most important is that you find a position that's comfortable for your body. Any way you want to make that happen is entirely up to you!

What Shouldn't You Do with the Odile?

While the Odile's "wings" offer additional protection against over-insertion, take care not to insert the Odile beyond the shaft. The shaft is designed for comfortable insertion - while the base is not.

The base of the Odile is not designed to support any weight. You should not sit or lay with the Odile inserted. This may overinsert the Odile, and it may break the "key" off of the Odile entirely. The Odile should only be used in positions where no body weight or excess pressure is applied to the base of the Odile.

Illustrated image shows a cross-through someone sitting with their Odile anal dilator inserted. The image next to it shows someone laying with their Odile anal dilator in - and has a cross over that image too. The text says "Don't sit on it" and "Don't lay on it".


Equipped Features: Customizable Width, Beginner-Friendly, Tapered Tip (Optional), Free of Electronic Parts, Zero Noise During Use, Splashproof, 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty.
Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic, Silicone.
Care and Cleaning: The Odile can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Since it's splashproof, it cleans up easily. If you get any water inside the Odile chamber, hold the dilator upside down and vigorously shake the toy to remove excess moisture. Allow the anal dilator to fully dry before putting it into storage. Always store the Odile as its minimum diameter to avoid stretching out the silicone. When using lube (and please use lube!), the Odile is compatible with water-based lube. We do not recommend fully submerging the Odile.

Odile Absolute Measurements

Smallest Diameter: 1" / 25mm
Thickest Diameter: 1.5" / 39mm
Adjustable in 1 millimeter increments
Base Diameter: 3.2" / 81.28mm
Total Length: 6.93" / 176mm
Insertable Length: 3.54" / 90mm
Weight: 144g

Odile Discovery Measurements

Smallest Diameter: 0.5" / 12.7mm (at the tip!)
Thinnest Expandable Diameter: 1" (towards mid-shaft to base, unexpanded)
Thickest Expandable Diameter: 1.35" / 34.29mm (towards mid-shaft to base, expanded)
(the non-expandable, tapered tip starts at 0.5" and slowly grows to 1" towards the base. The 1"-diameter portion of the Discovery is expandable via the Odile mechanism to a full size of 1.35")
Adjustable in 1 millimeter increments
Base Diameter: 3.3" / 83.82mm
Total Length: 6.93" / 176mm
Insertable Length: 3.54" / 90mm
Weight: 144g

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Box Includes:
Odile in your choice of version, Full-color instruction manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hard to expand sometimes

Sometimes if you are otherwise engaged with the other hole at the same time. The expansion of the device is hard to do. I also think maybe a vibrator should have been added to it for more pleasure. The hand crank is kind of awkward at times. Other than that I love the product

Good Couple's Toy

Love the little stick-out parts. That makes the Odile way easier to grip. Really cool how it opens up with turns of the base. I thought it would be harder to use, but it's super simple. Just insert, twist, and enjoy the size you want.

Definitely recommend using with a partner though - or prepare for a stretch to reach both of your hands to your hole in order to turn the base. I find it most comfy to control with a partner.

New fav'

Really amazing, it’s so nice to be able to change the size smoothly
I am getting addicted and use it all the time now, best invest so far!

Very good!!!!

Really innovative and high quality made. It took me a minute to get the hang of it, but it's really efficient.

The Odile

High quality product, as advertised. Kinkly article on use of the Odile was very helpful. Excellent service.

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