Satisfyer Pro 2 - Generation 3

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I'm so freaking happy with this thing!!! I love my Satisfyer Pro 2. Not only was it an excellent choice for my first air pulse toy, it's also opened my mind to trying other varieties. Eventually I'm going to have a great big toy box of amazing fun toys and such from Kinkly. Thank you Kinkly!!! You have a customer for LIFE!!! 💙💙💙

New favorite toy!

Gives a nice powerful orgasm. Brought me to climax quickly and put a little smile on my face. I like the handle too, seems easier to use than some other options out there.

Good but…

A three isn’t a great review but you may consider it a 5. Because the Satisfyer feels REALLY good. I’m sure it could bring me or my wife to orgasm if we tried harder, but here is the thing for us. It feels like it’s half vibrator and half suction toy, but not as good as either one. We already have a Womanizer and that suction is mmmmmmmm…good! And we have delightful vibrators, too. So for our toy box the Satisfyer didn’t fit. I’ve read rave reviews about it and I don’t deny them. It’s just not for us.


This results of using this is so different than just a vibrator. I just cannot believe all the feelings from far the most intense O’s I’ve had from a toy!

Getting better all the time!

Ladies….out of all of the stimulators and massagers and tongue flickers that I own….this beaut right here has everyone beat.

As another user stated, this orgasm comes from somewhere much deeper than my others. And I thought those were pretty deep! I can literally feel the “waves” or “pulsing” for minutes afterwards.

It’s just stunning in every single way!

I actually felt BAD for my old dual toy today when I opened the drawer and it was just laying there, so alone lol.

The fate of this guy could be sealed as well soon, as I just purchased the Womanizer Starlet 2 ❤️❤️❤️

Does anyone else find it dreadfully depressing waiting on the mail to come when you are expecting a toy package??

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